2000+ mmr rbgs EVERYDAY!! yaya =D

Looking for 2200+ arena exp players for Rbg's everyday HORDE ONLY

Group of 2400+ friends just whoever is on and rdy to que on my real id the mmr is around 2000 but we have a rank 1 leading the rbgs with Hero of horde players last night was our first night and we went 10-0 ending around a 2200 mmr

Contact information:
Skype: Clapperclaw1
Real Id: Patrickobrien123456@yahoo.com (just add me real id and ill post statues everytime we que)
Ingame: Nightmirror - Illidan
where do you think we are.avi
Well im nowhere close to that mmr ,but what did you expect this is garrosh the highest i have is 1600
I'm usually game for rbgs if I'm not doing anything.

Disc priest, got Hero of the Horde last season, 2500 mmr. Plus glad in 3's and 5's but that was back in Season 1. Haven't done many rbgs this season though. 110/60 rbg win/lose.

Best way to get in touch with me is to add me on skype and send me a message if you are looking for a healer. I'm Alex.Suhrie on skype if you want to add me.
Whoops, didnt realize this got bumped from 2 months ago. Well, if you guys still play I'm still available, lol.

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