**Panda Punchers** Recruiting

Panda Punchers has moved to your realm and is in search of serious raiders over the age of 18. We are looking for all classes at the moment Please feel free to visit our website and put in an app there or whisper someone in the guild ingame and speak freely with them.
We tolerate no drama and are currently 8/8 in DS.
We moved from Misha which is where this guild was created back in May of 09, when the server actually had good raid progression goin on. Since Wrath most of the good players have ditched Misha and moved onto better servers. I have done the research and have other toons on Turalyon and feel this is where we belong. There are only a few from Misha who came with the guild and so we need to fill in our ranks with people who want to progress.
So on that note if you are tired of being on standby and you feel you need to be a first string raider and you have the skill to back how you feel then please either visit our site or speak to someone inguild to discuss with you what your options are in Panda Punchers.
Hey, I just starting playing WoW again after taking a break the week of DS release. I am interested in joining depending on what you need. I will be honest and tell you the only time I really raided in Cata was t12. I did 7/7 norm and 2/7 heroic (Shannox/Domo). Looking for a progression oriented guild for the end of Cata and on through MoP and whatever after the fact.
I am not picky on the toon I am asked to play as I and progression/guild minded. I am not looking to join so my toon has tier epics, I cannot emphasize this enough. Here is what I can offer as far as classes: Warlock (I love all three specs) Druid (Balance main (386 ish ilvl, Feral OS around 378, bear tanked in Wotlk and some t11, but have played balance mainly since TBC)
DK (Frost MS 385ish, no PvE OS but would not mind grinding out to play blood, Have tanking exp although it was frost in WotLK) Last but not least my Shaman (Pulled him out of the closet lol (insert gay joke) and went from a 305 ilvl to 340 today Enhancement) Will spend most of my time grinding my shaman because I have had a blast playing him. I will tell you the common theme. I suck @ healing. I will not even lie, I will tank all day, but I cannot heal for !@#$. I know, it's scrubbish, but I would rather be honest up front.

If you read all of this ty for your time and I will look for you in-game as well. Hopefully I can suit your guilds needs.
!- bump? yeah, bump. we need some more to fill our group, don't be shy.
<3 ya, Euth and Slapp! :)
<3 Cadia! thanks for keepin it fresh and bumped up!
Gotta keep it funky fresh. /fistpump
<bump> Still lookin for Raiders
<bump> Looking for a Resto Druid with boomkin offspec along with a Holy Pally and a mage for our raid group.

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