LF Enchant gloves-healing power/superior agil

Looking for an enchanter with Enchant gloves-Healing Power and/or Enchant gloves-Superior Agility. Respond here and I will contact you in-game very soon. Tipping well. I have 20 toons on garona so I'm hard to catch, but if you repond here I'll pst you very soon : ) Thanks in advance <3
Still looking! : )
Still watching, still tipping very well, just respond here Ill pst <3
And still looking : )
Shame on you for making a level 10 twink.
A lvl wha who? ; ) thx for the bump pain. still looking
I've got the agility one if you need it...just drop me a note/mats in game and i can mail the enchant back to you/your alts.
Got em done just now :D Thanks Debriatus, you're a saint. Darlock thanks for the reply.
05/21/2012 07:15 PMPosted by Shroombabs
Debriatus, you're a saint.


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