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Why shutdown the the OCEANIC servers so early for?
Just came home from work, help missus with tea, log on expecting a 10pm shutdown, 4hrs to do daylies and u give us a 6pm shutdown!!!!

if u dont like working Late on servers, give Australians servers that are actually in AUSTRALIA and an office over here, im pretty sure u made quite a bit from D3 guessing not enough to open 4-5 servers over here leaving us stuck with such crappy in-convenient shut-downs

***EDIT*** And Diablo III aswell really kind of you blizzard
You get used to it.
It is very dissapointing that in a global economy, with a global product, a company with these kinds of resources refuses to use them.
Blatant theft of 1/7 of my weeks subscription - and Diablo 3 is down for 8 hours in our prime time as well. Bloody disgraceful Blizz!!!
Yes, the fact BOTH games are down annoys me a fair bit.

Fair enough for wow if there adding 'content'.
But the fact D3 has to be down also......

Fun night after a hard day at work.
its also frustrating when blizzard say they dont have the funds ect but there are atleast 20+ dead servers in the us, euro alone.
What annoys me more are users in the US who are like, "get a life, it's only 8 hours" - yeah, only 8 hours WHEN YOU'RE ASLEEP!

I understand that they need to cater to the majority of users, that's fine. I'm not ok with Blizz showing a blatant disregard for the fact that 6pm is our prime time. If the shoe was on the other foot, the forums would implode from all the QQ.
and like, what are they even doing for 8 hours?

last time i checked my server was running 100% fine, 10k that ill log tomorrow and there will be no little patch, and hotfix's dont require 8 hrs of server downtime
selfishness hate it
I remember a time when Blizzard actually gave a stuff about the subscribers and credited maintenance downtime... and gave rested xp to boot.
Now you get nothing - not even an acknowledgment that they are robbing us of prime play time.
Just too big now....
you easterners at least get a little wow time. In W.A tuesday is pretty much no WoW at all. I only get an hr of play time. goes down 8pm and up again at 2am.
The reason blizz ruins every australians tuesday night is because they dont love us.
Everyone in Australia (including me) should get a refund of 1 days play everyweek, i work till 6pm every day so to get home and find i cant even play makes me want a refund. Blizz have allways screwed Australians, i think they like it cause they have done it since 2004. And they wonder why there subsriber numbers keep falling 'hello' Stop screwing your customers and they might not leave.

There needs to be an official vote on this, for everyone that lives in Australia.
05/22/2012 04:29 AMPosted by Natocomander
There needs to be an official vote on this, for everyone that lives in Australia.


You would think that they would want to keep the australian subs happy, i eman is start wars can get an aus server whats stopping blizz
A vote for everyone that lives in Australia? What about the rest of the players in NZ, Asia, Russia etc? They have the same time zones to deal with so it's their prime time aswell. People go on and on about how it's not fair on the Aussies, well stuff the Aussies, what about the rest of us in these time zones!
I dont understand the thing about if they cant get a cheap server based in australia
Why dont they go the next step and get somewhere closer that will do it
And still have Win Ping!
As for the tuesday nights going down yer it sux because it also conflicts with the Conquest cap reset and other things
But gives us all a break for a night if your a full night player like me
I am just glad that the forums are still available during shutdown. lol. I come on the wow forums when wow is down for maintenance lol.

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