402 Disc & healy alts LF GMT+8 or Weekend Rds

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
402 Disc/Holy priest here, with occasional DPS offspec. Looking for long-term home & semi-competitive raiding. Will be up for cross-realm trials. 5/8 H experience, with some Heroic boat attempts in pocket. I am willing to faction change as well if required.

I can also bring a Resto Shaman/Resto Druid if you're interested, but they aren't very geared at this moment since I still play with US guilds. Will bring for alt/casual raids as well.

Aeriosz (Heal Priest)
Seilune (Resto Shaman)
Kievra (Resto Druid)
Hi Shaiyh,

I'm quite interested in your offer. Though I have one question - how often am I required to go DPS? I have been running mainly Disc/Holy for the entire xpac, so I would like to know how much am I expected to perform as a DPS.

Editted OP with more info!
Bump. Still looking for GMT+8 Raids.
Need Core Disc priest, mark.ivess@gmail.com
Hi Undergruff,

Can you give me more details about your guild/requirements?
(Gruff Here) We raid Tuesday and Thursday 4 - 6pm AEST and Saturday 3 - 7pm AEST. We have been 6 / 8 Heroic for a little while, we are on the 3rd plate in heroic spine and looking for another capable healer to help us.
Hello there!

<Tribo> is a 3 night 25man progression raiding guild of the GMT +8 variety on Nagrand. We've been around on this server for 5years+ and have a very very strong Casual base of previous members and friends of families of guildies which complement our Raider members. Many of our members hail from SE Asia, with a significant group from Australia as well as some from the USA. If you're still looking for a home, take a look: www.tribo-nagrand.com

We run several raid teams:
Progression 25man team on Wed/Thurs/Sund at 10pm-2am ST (6/8 HM DS25)
Progression 10man team on Wed/Sund at 7-10pm ST (6/8 HM DS10)

We're currently recruiting DPS and Healers for our 25man team.
We're recruiting only exceptional applicants for our 10man team.

Looking forward to seeing you around at www.tribo-nagrand.com!
Hey Zaned,

I see you're recruiting shamans at the moment. My shaman does not have stellar gear, as I can't afford to raid full time on all 3 toons on EST times. Is it possible for me to have a chat in-game with your or other officers about joining your 25m raid?
<Vicious Cycle> is a guild based in Frostmourne, and are currently 7/8HM DS 10 man. We are currently recruiting a the following classes:

Priest (you might be required to go shadow for some fights)/ Rdruid

Our raiding times are weds/thurs/sun 12svt to 2:30 svt.

If you need to get in touch me my real id: rooshilkalra@hotmail.com
Hi Aeriosz,

Optimist (25) is a 10 man progression guild that is restructuring as some core players quit about 3 months ago and the others who were raiding together is now interested to raid together again.

We are currently in need of a 2nd raid healer for our core team (core healer that isn't needed to go dps).

We are currrently 2/8 HM but am very confident that we will push at least 3/8 HM next week. Our goal is to go 6/8 by the end of June.

Raid days are on either Fri/Sat or both if heavily progressing. Times were 10pm GMT +8 but we are in the midst of discussion as to whether we are going to change it to 8pm GMT +8.

Do add me on real ID @ josephchee@hotmail.sg if you have any enquiries.

Thank you. :)
Bump. Still looking for a looking for a home, particularly for my Resto Shaman.
Hi Aeriosz,

I read your in game mail and wasn't able to find you in game to reply.

We are looking for players to join us for heroic progression and am afraid that there would be problems for your alt characters to keep up at that gear level.

I would like to discuss with you about this in game. Do drop me a pm asap so that we can discuss this in greater details.

Thank you for your time :)
Hi! <Ignis Immortalitas> is a weekend raiding guild on Frostmourne US (Horde). We are currently 5/8HM and are looking to progress further shortly. We are currently strongly in need of an experienced Resto Shaman with an elemental OS, or a Disc priest with shad OS which you seem to fit perfectly! :D. We are a friendly bunch of friends who are always welcoming to newcomers, so you will feel just at home :D. Our current raid times are 7:30pm-11pm Server Time on Fridays, which seems to be perfect time for you as well! :D. We sometimes raid on Saturdays if we do not finish on Fridays, but that rarely happens, we usually smash it all out in one night.
We are quite happy to pay for any transfers if you are keen, so please join us! We would love you!
if you are interested, you can add my RealID: aaron-rulz1@hotmail.com and whisper me anytime! :D
I look forward to hearing from you soon! :D
Hello :)

Our guild is interested.

Here is a link to our thread with alot of the info you will need :)


Hope to talk with you.
Hi Aeriosz

Resurrection Sickness is a level 25 raiding guild on Caelestrasz, we're currently 6/8H and looking for a Healer with a DPS OS.

We're a close knit mature raiding guild; whilst we're not hardcore by any means we do focus on performance and expect people to be knowledgeable about their class and maximise their output.

Timezone: AEST (GMT +10)

Website: http://www.resurrectionsickness.com

Raiding Schedule:
Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Raiding expectations
Know your class, spec, abilities, rotation, interrupts etc. We're looking for raiders who possess situational awareness, good judgement and a positive attitude. 90% attendance to scheduled raids. Sense of humour is optional, but highly recommended.
Website and forums, Ventrilo, Guild repairs, Mature and friendly environment!
Server: Nagrand (PvE) (Horde)

Hostile stands to imprint itself as one of the premier raiding guilds on the competitive Oceanic scene. Created from a small clutch of like minded players, Hostile has quickly emerged as an ambitious World of Warcraft community. Boasting players with impressive resumes, from Realm-First kills to multiple WoL topping ranks. Our goals are lofty, and we will spare no effort in accomplishing them. Hostile is a guild built around dedicated and hard working members. These are people who have made a commitment to excellence and performing their roles to the highest level. As such, when we look for new members to join our community, it is important that they share the same ideals of success as we do.

Raid Times (AEST/Nagrand server time):
Wednesday – 7:30PM to 11PM
Thursday – 7:30PM to 11PM
Sunday – 7:30PM to 11PM
Monday – 7:30PM to 11PM ( clearing DS in 90-120 minutes on wednesday atm )

Current Progression:8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul


Looking for either resto sham OR disc priest, prefer resto sham with ele however.

Feel free to contact me ingame or via website.
Leet dath'Remar alliance guild, 8/8h GMT +8:00 Singapore guild. Looking for healer for core team. Raid timing 9 pm til 12 30am late night, 2 to 3 days per week. Wed, thurs, and Monday. Please contact Fairlady or any1 that u can find online. Or add my email, xinlei88@gmail.com

It will be great if u live in Singapore.!
<Paint It Blacker> is a 10man horde guild on US Blackrock.

*Healer Priority*
1. Restoration Druid
2. Disc Priest
3. Holy Paladin
4. Restoration Shaman.

*DPS Priority*
1. Hunter
2. Warlock
3. Shadow Priest

We are on a PST server. Raid times are posted in AEST

Monday 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 4pm-6pm
Friday 3pm-7pm

If you can raid around these times but if you would like them altered slightly to fit your schedule better, contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your schedule.

To get in contact with us either email or add to real ID Mark.ivess@gmail.com
You could also try to contact someone in our guild. You can talk to anyone in guild and they should be able to point you towards people with a higher rank. Thank you for your time.

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