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Hello i am very much a newb and am desperatly looking for some help. i am willing to create characters in any realm in order to play with people who are willing to teach me

please reply if you are interested
You can always make a toon on Nagrand, and if Dk that's perfect :). Especially if you intend on tanking. Feel free to send me in-game mail if I'm not online. <3
Depends how fast you want to level, I'll be leveling probably... 2 more toons over the next 2-3 weeks (1-85 in under a week)...

Frostmourne Alliance if you're interested just whisper me or mail me c:
Anytime you have a question i'd be more than happy to help. feel free to add my bnet id.
We all started where youre at and if it wasnt for someone helping us when we started the game not many of us would still be around :)
Just shout or pst if we can help out on Frostmourne. ;)

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