Game runs like a dog cross-realm

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Why is it that just recently (for me) the game is almost unplayable when running cross-realm Dungeons or Raids?

I check the latency, and it says 190ms/190ms. The little screen is dark green. I check the frame rate, and it's around 60FPS. My computer doesn't seem under any real pressure. I can move around no problem, but everything seems to be 'waiting' and then jumps (like things are delayed).

I don't notice this problem when grouping with guild mates (or for general world activities), so what is it?

note: I get far more disconnects now too. Sometime I can't log back in for a while - but I can get to any web page no problem. so my network connection seems ok.

{I'm more frustrated with the game than actually enjoying it now - come close to putting my fist through my monitor :P}
Hey there, I used to have this issue when I played with wireless, it's a bandwidth issue I believe. Your ping is fine but you just dont have enough capacity for a high intensity situation, i.e a 25 man raid or a 40 man bg.

So yeah, are you using wireless? If so use an ethernet cable.
It's a wired connection (1g net card to ADSL2 router). No matter though, means I get to play something else.

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