Fortunes from a man of mystery!

Emerald Dream
Greetings. I am a man of great mystery, as I am a man without a name.

I have come from afar and have great knowledge of fortunes.

For the small sum of 1g, sent to me through the mail, I will return to you your fortune.

Sometimes witty! Sometimes insulting!


A fine example from a paying customer:

"Thank you, Dear (Confidential)!

As I become one with the realm from which these things come, it appears to me that this message is for you:

"You will likely misjudge the full cost of a watermelon"

As I advise all of my clients, use this information to your full advantage!

Please do tell a friend! Good Luck!



The mystery of this wisdom is beyond all of us, including myself. While some fortunes appear more valuable than others, from my experience I can assure you that we know not their true power when used correctly. That being said, no refunds or exchanges.


Hah. Did the Darkmoon Faire send you out for this?!? I hope they're aware you're possibly prey now.
I have not heard back from my client. Perhaps the mysterious realm was misguided with this information? Has anyone else found this information may have been for them?

Send your 1g today and find your fortune in the mail!

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