Got kicked out of Dungeon because!!

02/03/2013 09:31 PMPosted by Mohangandhi
Whats an aneurysm?

My 4 year old nephew has figured out to Google things. Perhaps you could follow in his footsteps.

02/03/2013 09:31 PMPosted by Mohangandhi
I sware im 19


02/03/2013 09:31 PMPosted by Mohangandhi
wtf you talking about

That's been apparent for a while.

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Now i will not be rechecking this page

It hurts me that you would lie to me like this.
02/03/2013 09:31 PMPosted by Mohangandhi
Whats an aneurysm? I sware im 19. wtf you talking about
...ahahahahahahahahahaha..... oh my...
I was kicked out of a heroic for net being a ret pally once...
o.o no wonder. If you are dpsing no one wants a holy or prot dps man. RET has a clear, easy , and functional rotation for bosses and mobs. the other 2 do not. If you are qued as dps and go in as anything else your dps will be very low. And most people will laugh. Anyways i love how people starting bring this post back WOOT WOOT!!!
I thought this thread was for people to talk about getting kicked for no reason, not for a priest to start off complaining about this (albeit badly spelled and with poor grammar), then to start trolling anyone who tries to make an argument with you that doesn't support your issue. Also, some people post on an alternate, low lv character so that people from their own realm cant troll them when they are on their mains about things they post on the forums.
05/17/2012 08:09 AMPosted by Borat
when the rest of the world seems crazy to you...i've got some bad news for you buddy.

At one point, "the rest of the world," said the earth was flat. Those who challenged that belief looked at the rest of the world like they were crazy. Weird how the amount of people believing something doesn't affect it authenticity.
02/04/2013 10:48 AMPosted by Goranne
At one point, "the rest of the world," said the earth was flat. Those who challenged that belief looked at the rest of the world like they were crazy. Weird how the amount of people believing something doesn't affect it authenticity.

Fun fact: the shape and circumference of the world was calculated in ancient Greece. This knowledge was never lost to educated/literate people. In the 15th century, Columbus had difficulty getting people to back his voyage not because they believed the world was flat, but because they knew that Columbus was severely underestimating the size of the Earth. Also he was not the first European to discover the Western Hemisphere.
I remember one heroic a little while ago. It was mostly a guild run I was helping run some guild alts though. Didn't have a healer at the time so we pugged one. Going through Monastary.

Healer kept saying "Hey Hunter"

Finally after killing off some mobs I say "Yea what's up?"

healer "Are you ever going to do anything? Your just standing there"


So I posted up the meters. I was by far the #1 DPS in the run. Healer shut up after that.
troll gets 7/10 for the necro, but the followup fails to deliver, so 3/10

I got kicked once for claiming that televised wrestling is not fake


the earth is an oblong spheroid
So this thread is about "how I got kicked" and "quasi-science"?

OK, I'll byte...

I was once kicked out of a 5 man for posting DPS meter. All the DPS was within 5% of each other. Bad thing was, I was lowest DPS not counting ther healer of course. So go figure.

Earth: A bumpy, crust covered oblong spheroid with a rotating molten core that gives it a magnetic field. This magnetic field keeps the atmosphere from being blown away into space by solor wind. This atmosphere allows for the presence of liquid H2O. Liquid H2O is thought to be the driving force for intelligent life to spawn. We are still waiting.
I totally agree with you Casper.

Some tanks think "Taunt" is a selection to click off and on. There is no spell called "Taunt". And a tank should know better.

All they have to do is stop between battles and ask the Hunter politely giving a Hunter time to check settings. Its really not a big issue, but the tanks make it a big issue. Not all tanks are bad, but some love to kick people for any reason.

Today I was doing a dungeon that was a group of 5 with 2 being priest. Everything was normal and nobody was getting close to dying. No excessive agro, No problems. But the Tank started saying to me, "You should use a different pet." and "change to a cat". I told him "No", I'm using the spider because it shoots the web (knowing also it can help the healer get separation if things get bad).

I was using a spider that attacked AFTER the tank jumped into battle. Matter of fact, I was attacking last, while standing behind the healer.

He kept complaining then I got kicked. This is a serious problem. Now a days I wait till its after 11pm to do Dungeons. Late at night groups are far more friendly and have very few control freaks (aka tanks that are jerks and control freaks).

I would rather die with a fun, friendly group then to help a group of jerks on a power trip. Many times this game shows a persons real character. So if a person is a jerk in real life this games clearly shows they are a jerk in the game.

It really sucks when dealing with jerks. They take all the fun out of it.

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