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This is a post of my thread on the Diablo 3 forums, as I believe that my opinion on this issue has meaning for WoW also. As a long time WoW player, I think it's time that real Oceanic servers should come into play, the wait has been long enough.

I wasn't sure which General Discussion this thread was suitable for, posted on both.

Hi all, I have been reading around the forums a lot since the release of D3, and I have come to realise that so many people want Oceanic servers. Due to this, I decided to put in research about this, and I will post my findings here. This thread is in no way to bash Blizzard or to cause drama, it's to put my point out, and if you agree feel free to leave a response, if you don't agree, then keep it nice and give out your opinion on the topic.

I believe now that Oceanic servers are necessary, for a very long time, Blizzard have had millions of players in the Oceanic servers experiencing 150~400 ping in an average day with minimal complaining from it's players. Oceanic players form a huge percentage of Blizzard's online population from all of their games, about 10%~15%. You might not think this is much, but what if it was "10%~15% of people have got a rare case of flu in America", then it's a different story - because you know that you can put this into perspective and say that it's about 30-45 million people (obviously in this case it's about 1.5-2.5 million people).

Blizzard owes it's loyal Oceanic players something, many of us have played your games since the beginnings, and have never complained about anything. The Oceanic player base will 'only' increase with every coming day, it will not get any lower and the request for Oceanic servers will only increase. Oceanic servers would not only give your current players a better experience, but it would give Blizzard a better international reputation and increase the amount of Oceanic players by a large amount.

Every Oceanic player will know what I mean when I say that it's annoying when you see people complaining that they have 100ms latency, and they're jumped all over being tried to help and Oceanic players sit on 150~400 without any complaining or arguments. Your Oceanic players would love to be able to go anywhere near 100ms, and experience Blizzard games in a whole new level like we have never been able to before.

One thing to keep in mind for everyone reading this, is that Oceanic servers are expensive and Blizzard might not think that it will be beneficial to run an Oceanic server due to loss of profit or other unknown reasons. I speak on behalf of many Oceanic players, and say that we would gladly buy Blizzard games for even more than their current price if it meant a reliable and latency-free gaming experience. A sensible mark-up would be about 20%~25%. Monthly cost for WoW could be $20 (as it was previously for us when the US dollar was higher), and the purchase cost of D3 could be $80~$100.

Blizzard have had offers from companies which would love to host Oceanic servers in Australia for them, and have been denied for obvious reasons- they're too expensive. Another idea, along with mark-up of Blizzard games, is that Blizzard could host a donation in which players could donate for an Oceanic server. I guarantee that many people would participate in something like this.

Something we all have to understand is that Blizzard cannot just throw out servers at us, we need to make them realise that we care as players, if we want to get something to make our experience better then we need to help them get the incentive to do so!

Anyone who agrees, please leave a post and hopefully if enough respond we will be able to get this message out and something could happen, it's a very slim chance but it could happen.

Meaningful posts:

"If Bioware can supply Australian based servers for SWTOR then why can't Blizzard supply them?"

"I am willing to bet at least a few hundred thousand copies of Diablo 3 were sold in the AUS/NZ region. Lets say at bare minimum only 150,000 copies of the game were sold. That is over $9,000,000 in sales and we shouldn't complain about getting the short end of the stick?"

"Prior to SC: BW there was a couple of Australian servers in use, this became untenable for Blizz as Telstra saw it as a giant cash cow and started milking. Blizz decided to move out of Australia for the next 15 years. Recently (mostly since the GFC) Blizz has started paying more attention to the Aus/NZ customers, probably because there was a huge drop in US players."

"i would love a server in aus but i dout they will do it as it looks bad on there "profits" with such an expenditure"

"Agreed, if HoN and Tribes:Ascend can do it Blizzard has no excuse"

"Agreed and requested sticky, but we know it ain't happening =)"

"Agree ....."


- Sinnoh/Ben
I completely agree with everything you say. The fact that other games like SWTOR having servers in australia is just no excuse for blizzard to not. World of Warcraft have more subscribers than SWTOR and has also been running for a much longer than SWTOR. Star wars also has a monthly pay fee the same as World of Warcraft and it is the exact same price of $14.99.
Listen to your oceanic customers blizzard! We are asking for something to help our gameplay across the board of all blizzard games and make us have a better experience. Heck I think we would have a couple of guilds in the top 10 if they had better latency.


old, but possibly still relevant?
If the network is a problem maybe if the government gets there finger out of their !@# and gets this NBN rolled out blizz would concider it.
Surely if a game like Battlefield 3 can have local servers, WoW can aswell.
I feel that on Wow, we are very limited with Oceanic servers. You only have pvp and pve servers, No RP or RP/PVP servers which is very frustrating, as I have thoroughly enjoyed RP servers, but would be nice to RP with other Aussies.
05/22/2012 06:11 AMPosted by Elae
I feel that on Wow, we are very limited with Oceanic servers. You only have pvp and pve servers, No RP or RP/PVP servers which is very frustrating, as I have thoroughly enjoyed RP servers, but would be nice to RP with other Aussies.

That is also true, what I'm referring to though is just getting any real Oceanic servers at all, regardless of what server type they are. Currently, we have servers which are labelled as 'Oceanic', but are not actually located in the Oceanic region. They are located in the West part of the US, meaning we still have to send and receive packets half way across the world. We get just as much ping in our so called 'Oceanic' realms as we do in US realms, because they are located in just about the same place.
05/22/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Alyxandar
Surely if a game like Battlefield 3 can have local servers, WoW can aswell.

The difference is... anybody with an internet connection can host a BF3/COD/whatever server, and you have what? 12-24 slot servers?

Wow would need to have servers to accommodate 40,000 people pretty much per server and old articles have said that Telstra and the infrastructure in Australia is the issue.
They're cheap, but hey with Kotick at the head of Activision-Blizzard why should anyone be surprised?

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