A New Guild's Beginning

In the last few Days All of the active players of my guild banned together to form a new guild. this was because, although we all love the guild Team Bloodlust, we need a GM that was online a little more often to handle guild business, currently our GM was on every other day for about 2 hours, and mostly did pvp. In the guild I became the highest ranked and many if not all looked to me as the GM (Not boasting ask them, they agree). and than they all left and told me they wanted me as the GM of there new guild. i Value loyalty to the team over all else, and if the team leaves i will be with them no matter where they go. we are a Lvl. 1 Social/Progression/Leveling guild and looking for all lvl/classes. i invite any and all members of Team Bloodlust to come with us. the guild name is High Achievers (May change after i move my main over to become the GM).
hello, how are you?
Im doing well thank you. Finally have a weekend off so I have mucho errandos to do.

You like my spanish?
Vary much good sir. say, i am lvl'ing a palli healer and would like to know what is the best BoA to get for him.
Well if it were me, I would get the pieces that gave you the experience boost first. So I think that would be the Shoulders and the Chest. If you are high enough rep in the guild you can also get the head and the cloak. That would be a good start. Then I usually buy the trinkets since you can never find good trinks when leveling, then get the weapon.

If your asking about stats get the plate with the intel on it.
I am part of this newly formed guild! If anybody would like to know the reason for this actually happening, here it is:
The GM took away guild bank gold repairs just because 'we didnt do enough guild raids'. We did atleast one every week. How is that not enough? Derp.
So now, we have formed the guild, "high achievers". Much friendlier envirmoent, and even better, my best friends from Team Bloodlust are there! I SUPPORT DIS THREAD. XD

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