[7-10EST] 12h <Alone> 15/16H LF hPal

Guild Recruitment
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I don't feel like finding a quote today

Looking for a lock/boomy/kitty
uuugh toby theme song stuck in my head now god damn you internet
i want to nap but iono if i have enough time qq
alt posting stuff weeeew
Oh man gatta start saving money for Playlist Live
nom nom ice cream
sooo tired
bed time ><
It's been a month since a decent warlock app... COME!
no kidding amg
do do do
Is this the right thread? Oh yea it is. Need a couple more l33t dps.
I know no one will be able to guess who I quote all the time but this was too good to not use

“I couldn’t breathe. So I punched her in the face and peed in the pool. And then I never went back there again.”
It's one of your youtube celebrities!

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