[7-10EST] 12h <Alone> 15/16H LF hPal

Guild Recruitment
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Hi Bear!
Where are the warlocks?!
10/14/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Eneia
Where are the warlocks?!

Get in before this next LOCKout!!!
Come for the progression, stay for showans tea parties.
Need a warlock NOW!
Where are you warlocks? We wanna hear from you!
Last one for the night
Night? Its morning already!

Rise and shiiiiiine warlocks!
Early morning people, this is ur guild! Join and get ur full nights sleep!
Where are you locks and DK's?
Can we get some locks up in this .....?
I think I saw a warlock!
Chaos bolt go
LF a lock!
14% on Garajal! Exciting week infront of us!
6%! Hopefully tonight is the night!
YAY 3/6

Clean work of GaraJal tonight. On for more conquests!
Still searching for that sexy warlock that knows affliction is da hot stuff now!
LF a lock!

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