CLOSED-TCG Loot Card Buy/Sell Thread-CLOSED

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1x Swift Shorestrider
1x Big Battle Bear
1x Tabard of the Lightbringer {Not a mount but free advertisement :(}

Murloc Costume (God how much i've wished this custome for years)

Taking any serious offers you can contact me in 3 ways:
On illidan /who Merlin if im online any of my alt names will appear (this is how i talk to fluffy lol)
In game mail to Merlinx or real id, please specify in the request.

Note: All trades must be done in our dear realm.

i have a murloc costume. will sell for 400k

give you 250k for costume, all its really worth.
Costume goes for well over 300k, it is harder to find a seller than to make the gold to buy one. So stop being cheap and offer the man something legit.
wow fluffy ur priest is effing HAWT HAWT!!

would date!
Blazing hippo for sale
wow fluffy ur priest is effing HAWT HAWT!!

would date!

Who wants to sell me an epic rocket. One in AH for like 170k. Give me a good price.
Wts 2 swift spectrals for around 500 per, pst me ingame or on here.
WTS 2 swift spectral tigers on illidan 490k each, and 1 woolly white rhino 275k , new prices.
I have a little under 300k to spare, I'm looking to buy a Reins of the Spectral Tiger on this server. Getting kinda annoyed of the huge # of chinese sellers here heh.

Money is on hand on Illidan-H on my level 1. Looking to buy asap, PST Vathral on Illidan or leave me a mail or just respond to this thread so I know when to check back. Thanks.
WTS Mottled Drake 100k

Also Level 25 guild 7tabs 1240 achevements (SOL.D)
WTS following mounts

Mottled Drake 100k (SOLD)

Amani dragonhawk 110k

Savage Raptor 140k

Blazing hippogryph 110k (SOLD)

Get at me here, or in game thanks

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