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Came back from a couple year break, absolutely cant stand how unpopulated my server, Medivh, is. Even the alliance quene lobby is dead.

So, whats the most populated server? Not sure how accurate the census sites are, in terms of active players at least.
But I think Darkspear is better, due to the economy on Alliance side.
Don't ever go to darkspear we get at least 1 dc every week, and i think it's illidan or kill'jaeden
Kil'Jaeden is an amazing server. We always welcome more alliance players. The ratios are pretty even, favoring horde just a tiny bit more. So more Alliance is always welcome!
From what I understand of the server you are referring to, it is a VERY tight-knit community, where what you say to people actually matters and has consequence. I wouldn't go to that server unless you are wanting to make real life friends. We all make mistakes, stuff making a mistake and getting a g-kick and being left all alone.

That said, MG is always heavily populated, hence why I love it. I am always looking for new friends here. But there's others; Tichondrius, Frostmourne etc.
Kil'jaedan is pretty sweet! I don't know how it stands population wise compared to other servers, but I definitely enjoy it! I've heard things about Illidian, but when I went on there on a little level 1 character it didnt really impress me. I say Kil'jaedan!

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