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I have D.I.S.C.O. asking 50k obo send me a tell in game we can talk about price ;p
yeah, demon Hunter does seem like a little bit of a let down!
I was pumped up for Demon hunter too... prepared to drop like 100k if needed. Found the image of it just being warlock metamorph pretty much. Was expecting it to turn you into a night elf/blood elf demon hunter with the mask and some glaives :/
Hello all,

Have a few items for sale. Linking the items are not displaying properly for me sooo...I'll just list.

Feldrake X1
Eye of the Legion (pet) x4
Gregarious Grell x1
Demon Hunter's Aspect X1
Spurious Sarcophagus X1
Sand Scarab x7.

I can sell codes for pets or I can learn and cage for you. Let me know either way. I can arrange for horde @ neutral that do not have alliance gold, however YOU will pay the AH cut.

I take IN GAME currency only. If you ask for out of game transactions you will be ignored.

I am open to offers on all items. Do not try and low ball me, I have a pretty good idea of what all are worth.

I expect you to have Mumble, or Skype for any BoP transaction.

PST me in game if interested in any of the above items.
Hello all!

I currently have the following for sale on horde! I am willing to put them up on the neutral AH if you pay the fee.

Corrupted Hippogryph
Blazing Hippogryph
Amani Dragonhawk
Magic Rooster Egg
Wooly White Rhino
Mottled Drake
Reins of the Spectral Tiger
Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger

Contact me in-game or add to battletag Frontline#1641 with your offer.

don't do drugs.
drugs don't do em!
The Flag of Ownership has been bumped higher if anyone has one let me know.
Hello friends of tich

i just bought TCG items from Mallificent and Zedura and they are very good sellers and legit =)

thanks a lot guys =)
i have a White Rhino and Mottled Drake for sale or trade, would be willing to sweeten the deal with gold for certain mounts. Mainly looking for Feldrake, Corrupted Hippo and an X-51.

I just transferred in with 8 sets of Rhinestone Sunglasses also, selling/trading 6 of them....

hit me up in-game on this toon to discuss
Selling Dragon Kite Companion Pet
Starting 100k. Obviously alliance - Tich (US)

*EDIT* PM or IN - Game mail if I'm on
looking to buy murloc costume and blizzard bear for 650k realid is
Mottled Drake sold and X-51 acquired......still looking to sell/trade a Wooly White Rhino, still looking for a Corrupted Hippo or Feldrake.

also, 5 sets of Rhinestones Sunglasses left, they wont be around long, don't sleep on these......rarer than shiz. Only one server where the design has been found on ALL U.S. servers, it's shown up on maybe 10 servers thus far, most transferred for them...a few prolly from Blingtron. Anyhow, these things maybe the Ruby Shades look like dog crap. the ultimate banker alt eye bling.

Edit: these have been sold, tcg'c that is........still 4 sets of Rhinestone's left, when they're gone so am I.....transferring back home.
Glemont (undead warlock) <The Afflicted>

he's a tard and got forum banned but he's trying to sell Mottled Drake so pst HIM for details on sales.

I'm simply posting to be a good guy.

again, pst GLEMONT for any further questions/sales.

he's asking 140k obo.
Wts Banana Charm - 80k obo, Hit me up in game or here
bump for phat lewtz!
I personally have purchased all of my tcg for in game gold which i've farmed via the auction house.
as "proof" i guess for my sales.

Other people also buy them for in game gold for cheap and resell at a higher profit, mostly from people who play the tcg but would rather have gold over going through the hassle of having to selling the card.

And others simply buy the cards off ebay and resell for gold as a sort of "legit" way to buy gold.
10/22/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Souldevour
May I ask where you get all these? I've known people who sell large amounts of TCG cards to be involved in tons of scams. I mean you have multiple thousands of dollars in TCG cards. Unless you are actually dishing out money on Ebay, I'm gonna have to recommend that someone looks into all these. It's not like you're getting a ton of spectral tigers out of luck. Not sure if someone is fishy inside of game or outside. I just know it's fishy.

and i'm also not 100% sure on what is "fishy" here. The trading card game market has been around for those with large sums of gold and nothing to spend it on for quite a while and on pretty much every server.

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