So what now...

Got all the pre-arena pvp gear, yet resil is too low to get on any team...

What items should I get next? Feel like I am stuck in the middle atm... cant improve my stuff yet not geared enough to go anywhere
Your resil is fine. They don't want you because you're an arms warrior.
So I should just gem all strength? And I havent had a need for piercing howl, not a problem staying on top of ppl, just not enough dmg output
05/17/2012 09:44 PMPosted by Skwish
Trust me, you'll need it

it's not mandatory though... I prefer the silence... especially useful for capping in 2s with the ranged interrupt on heals
05/17/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Skwish
They don't want you because you're an arms warrior.
The fact that he's an Arms Warrior has nothing to do why they don't want him specifically. It wouldn't matter if he was any other class if he geared them like he did his Warrior.

The fact that he's an arms warrior has everything to do with it actually.
He himself may be super skilled. Unless he gets people to play with him, they'll see oh an arms. BETTER TAKE A ROGUE

My point.

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