Haste or Mastery

I have asked many other holy paladins for their opinions and i still cant decide which to pick. I have been doing mostly 10m raids which i have heard haste is better but i have seen equal results. All my gear is reforged half haste half mastery i believe as a test. Please let me know your opinions as this has been frustrating me ever since i have come back to wow.
so mastery is a plus for 10m?
so i do less healing done with mastery? Still very confused.
Haste is higher healing per second, because it lets you cast faster, and burn through your mana faster.
Both crit and mastery give you more healing per cast.

Haste is mathematically the "best" under spreadsheeting, but there are holy paladins in some of the best guilds in the world that are entirely mastery stacked, and some that are entirely crit stacked.

lols for that BfG.
I think going mastery for H Spine would not be so useful, as the mastery doesn't help to clear debuffs. Either crit or plain old haste. (Spirit > all of course)
so based on my gear that i currently use what would you guys recommend? Most mastery based people on my server say that im not geared enough to go mastery.
Had to update armory.

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