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Our raid times are 8:15-11:15pm PST Tuesday-Thursday.

We are currently recruiting a resto/ele shaman and boomkin for Heroic MoP 25 man raiding. We have a strong team and we would like to add a few more skilled players. We are looking for quality raiders who have solid experience with heroic fights and know how to get the most out of their class.

To get to our guild site:


All talented classes are encouraged to apply, but for 25 man, we are in higher need of:

Resto Shaman (capable of dps)

****For our ten man weekend team:

Healer (druid or priest)
druid (balance or feral) an off tank would be great
pally dps/tank

If you have any questions or for a vent interview, contact one of the following in game:

I'll be happy to talk to anyone as well if the above are unavailable. :)
Thanks Terroarr
We would also consider absorbing a 10 man heroic guild.
Not in high need of hunters.
send me a tell in game if you have any questions
Looking threw Post, I noticed you are still looking for afew more.Im a 402 Holy/ 404 Frost / 396 Blood Dk all Pve spec looking to possibly Transfer to a new server. I currently Play Unholy, but am versed in Frost just as well.If Me and a few friends agree to join this server, Id also like to post this for them aswell.One is a Feral Tank with a 400 Ilvl that can do any off spec as needed. As we use him for Resto, Feral Dps and Boomkin sometimes just depending on what we need him for.The other is or Healer. Hes a 405 Ilvl Holy Priest. That has a Disc off spec but hates Disc. He' been our main healer since we started Dragon Soul. We all are 6/8 Heroic, with many attempts on Spine. Also we might bring over some of our Guild mates. So there is a possibility that there might be more. If you need more info, Just post and Ill do what I can.The Tank name is SlimydruidHealer is Darkpixie.We all are on Sargeras
Hey Gematria,

I will be online tonight if you want to chat. Otherwise I will check your server after raid.
Still looking to expand to 25 man, just need more dps. :)
Still looking for a few dps and a healer (pally or priest) for our 2nd ten man or to move up to 25 man.
interested in a 403shadow/400disc? have legendary and transferring.
interested in a 403shadow/400disc? have legendary and transferring.

ya, get in touch with me
Set on tanks.
Still looking for some DPS and heals
no love for tanks? :/
Another guild recruiting, how interesting and different.
Updated 7/8HM
Hi, 402 shadow 403 ret LF 25 m guild on blackrock.

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