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Get in touch with me. We can really use a resto shaman.
6/6 MV and 1/6 HoF in 25 man.
Are you guys taking casuals at all not to raid right now but as guildes, I started a little late and my current gear is not raid worthy. My current guild is pretty dead I am usually the only one on just looking for a place to chill and get my grind on.
Bump for good people. This guild has one of the best raiding atmospheres out there.
Pretty set on healers. Full on rogues, mages, and priests.

Would like to find a tank/dps.
Really only need top notch dps at this time.
4/6 HoF
Recruiting a resto shaman and other quality and competent raiders.
5/6 HoF
Looking for a tank, healer, and a few dps for our 10 man weekend team.
1/4 Terrace
Separate 10 man on Friday/Saturday nights (8:15-11pm pst).

We are in need of either a priest, druid, or monk healer and a few dps.
Still could use a few skilled healers and dps.
6/6 MV 4/4 ToeS and 6/6 HoF 25 Looking for Resto Shaman, Boomkin and Enhanced Shaman.
Still recruiting exceptional players
Still would like a resto shaman.
2/6H MV
491 IL Resto Shaman I'm very interested in applying to your guild, i've had a good amount of heroic raiding experience 11/12H 10m in icc while it was still relevant, 6/7H FL, 8/8H in DS ive been in my current guild for almost 2 years and its always been pretty casual 2 nights a week so our progression was slower than most guilds. The guild has been falling apart since Mists hit its become a revolving door halting progression totally we just lost our top DPS and I feel its time i move on. I've ran a couple pugs attempting the first two bosses on heroic in MV but my current progression is 6/6MV, 3/6HoF with exp on Windlord, 3/4 ToES with exp on Sha. I've been a raid leader since ICC so i know how to do my homework on new fights and comfortable talking over vent. I'm always fully enchanted and gemmed and come prepared with flasks and pots.

Here are some of my logs.

Looking for shaman capable of play resto and ele equally well.

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