[H] WotW 8/8H DS10 LF Range Dps T-Th 8-12

Guild - Way of the Warrior (lvl 25)

Server - Zul'Jin (Horde) - High Pop

Raid size - 10 m

Raid Times - Tues, Wed, Thurs 8p to 12a server (EST)

Progression - Dragon Soul 8/8H

Our goal is to push current progression content while completing Meta achievements along the way. We don't strive to be #1 on the server, but we do want to be competitive. We strongly believe that character/skill is more important than a buff your class does/doesn't bring.

We provide feasts, repairs, and enchanting materials, and flasks
We use a ep/gp system for loot. We don't recruit to fill the bench. Although everyone sits at times, we recruit full time raiders.

Way of the Warrior is a 5+ yr old guild with a long history of end game raiding. We are mature, respectful adults who don't believe that you need to insult and harangue raiders on vent to get raid performance. We also don't feel that adults should feel it necessary to troll or flex their epeen in general venues like trade chat. After many years as a premier 25man raid guild, we sized down to 10man after Firelands.

We are glad to consider all exceptional applications.

Our current wish list is as follows:

Dps - Ele Shaman, Boomkin, Monk, Shadow Priest, Mage.

Tank - Warrior, Paladin, Monk

Heals - Paladin, Monk, Priest

For more info contact one of the following in game or via Real ID or apply at http://www.wotw-guild.net

Petriee (Petrie39@yahoo.com)
Killmerath (jristobladra@gmail.com)
Rioghnach (riobear79@gmail.com)
Kyûss (alt-0251)
Looking for some new blood to help us kill the last two bosses in DS Heroic. Immediate raid spots available!
Immediate raid openings for range dps!
I know that I am not geared for hms right now but can be geared pretty quick and I am familiar with the fights from my main on quel'dorei my wife and I just transferred and I made this toon my main. She is geared however and can make any raid is a fire Mage named thiddy. I will also be bringing over an awesome combat rogue who is also hm ready. We are looking for a casual hm raiding guild with a decent guild pop and activity. I am sure she will be on anytime today I already asked her to speak with someone from the guild to get more info. My question is would you take an under geared hunter that can't make 100% sechedule on like an alt raid team? The other two have no problem won 100% or near that as of right now.
Still looking for new blood to join us!
Come and join us for next week!
Moar Range!
Spots open for range dps!
Start of the Weekend Bump!
To the top!
Range Dps - Hi, do you need dps to attack from far away in your raids?

Kyûss - Why yes we do!

Range Dps - Great! I will put an application in on your website and be ready to kill big bad pixelated dragons with you tonight!

Kyûss - I love you!
Hunter 396 I lvl 6/8H XP on my pally 5/8H on hunter
Recruiting range dps and heals!

Would also like to add another main spec tank!
Still looking for a few new raiders!
Still looking for some new blood to join us.

Looking to add a tank, some heals and range dps.

Pretty full on melee dps but will entertain any exceptional applicants!
Do you have a required ilvl?
No required ilvl, but must be capable of putting up decent dps/heals whatever your job is. We prefer players who have some Heroic experience since we're currently working on Heroic Spine. Gearing isn't so much an issue as the player being able to hold their own in the raid.

Still looking for range dps, tank/dps, and some heals to help round us out.
Join us!
Still looking for another tank, some range dps, and possibly another healer!
Still looking for some new blood to raid with us now and in MoP!

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