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Whenever I log into the website, I'm always prompted to enter my authenticator code. But whenever I log into D3 or WoW, I'm not always prompted for it. I thought the point behind the authenticator was to put the code in each time you log in to your account. Is there a time frame in between logins where you don't need to enter the authenticator code?
This is a feature we introduced to the Authentication process for WoW around this time last year. Here's the original post:

D3 and (I believe) SC2 have this built in as well. The websites are a different matter, as there's a lot more sensitive data, such as billing information, etc. that we don't want to make automatic. We don't trust web browsers, so adding this to the websites is something we're not looking to explore any time soon.
While I agree with prompting for the authenticator on the website, I don't agree with how it's currently set up with WoW, D3 and SC2. Why don't we have the option of choosing how often we want to be prompted? Being a security freak, I would much rather be prompted every time I try to log in to my account in a game. Is this a feature that can be requested? I think it would allow us to customize our own experiences.
Not really the forum for that.

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