Rogue Tier 14

I like how this one looks, except for the head though. Why is it so hard for Blizz to make good looking tier helms?
05/31/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Holyfrikncow
No Sir... I don't like it.

Shoulders are kinda cool, but otherwise...

Transmog FTW.
outside of the helm and the fact that the sleeves don't reach the gloves, I love the black one, the blue one is okay, and the white one is ugly as crap. If the black is from rf or normal mode, I might actually raid that tier (I dislike raiding outside my guild and my guild fell apart).

If I get the black I'll be putting the black bloodfang hood recolor.
Just mog your set to the utterly boring Scouting Set and be done with it.

And, to be fair, it would be a real letdown if our tier sets were just common looking leather jumpsuits.
I dislike a lot of these armor designs for the same reason I dislike 'sleeve' type tattoos.
Call me strange but I prefer something more simplier.. I'd actually prefer *gasp* something that looks like leather and not plate armor.. I know, I must be weird.

Imagine a rogue sneaking around corners and slipping into shadows with this junk. Really?

How about simple black leather outfit?

Btw.. anyone know something along those lines I can use for transmog?

(and yes.. I'm fully aware I'm wearing a big purple pimp hat right now)

It's Sons of the Storm art direction. That's kind of what you get out of it. Goofy, over the top, rule of cool.

I've been much happier with the sets since I learned to just roll with it. The more the art team can do with the sets, the more they will do.
05/31/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Zagden
It's obviously an early version. There's probably supposed to be neck padding of some sort there.

Nah. Human male necks have just gotten so strong as WoW has gone on that they now glow, like Elven eyes.
I guess it'll grow on me eventually. :/ Although every time I look at it I notice something new. But at the very least they couldn't have made the belt match??? Really? It just had to be a different color than the body?
Do not like it one bit, are we suppost to look like rogues that wear plate :P
It looks a little spiky and too elaborate for me, but that's why they made transmog.

I still want to see an armor set that makes the rogue basically like a shadow but with some texture. Something like having armor made out of the skin of the infinite dragonflight.

This art team does have some good stuff tho, I like the challenge set.

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