(H) LF Guild DK/Mage

Alright me and my friend are currently going hard on lvling and trying to get lvl 85 but were kinda looking for a guild to maybe help us out and just to get to know each other. I just transferred onto this server and hes never been horde on this server so would be nice to meet some new people on here instead of just being us 2 all the time.

Im currrently playing atm so hit me up on here or throw me a whisper thanks

IGN: Doubtful
I'd suggest coming to my guild that me and my friends made recently and are leveling it fast, we're very active and have the essentials that all guilds need; ventrilo, skill, etc. But then theres the problem of the faction.. haha

Keep Nips in mind if you ever decide to go Alliance.

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