LF 30k+ Dps for DS 10 H/N Fri/Sat at 8pm-11pm

(05/25 and 05/26)

Hey one of our weekend teams will be missing a dps this weekend for DS 10. We have Mo and Ultra on farm and are planning to wipe a lot on H Yor before moving on for a full clear.

We are looking for a ilevel 395, 30k+ dps to fill in. We're flexible regarding class/spec but it's worth noting that no one needs the dagger quest items.
You do realize you're trying to pick up a player from dalaran? 30k might not be easy to find.
Well don't get me wrong I like this server, it's a nice change after playing on high pop realms where trade is a constant competition to out spam the other guy to log to Dal and be able to have conversation in /2. It's also nice having a better chance to find rare spawns and a small town feel where everybody sort of knows each other and it's easier to blacklist trolls and people who abuse the master looter position.
But if you mean to imply that our server isn't really that great of a place for hardcore progressive raiding I'd be inclined to agree.

But that's ok, 30k isn't really that great of dps xD
Trolls on Dalaran? that's unheard of!
05/23/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Divinebovine
Trolls on Dalaran? that's unheard of!

Would you like a CHAIR to sit on?
I wish I could do 30k :(
30K+? that's unheard of!
30k thats too easy

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