Night Elf Eyebrows (Males)

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Male night elves' eyebrows disappear when they equip a mask or just not have facial hair. This has been plaguing the game since inception and has crossed out every single mask off my transmog list. Is there any kind of solution in the works? Overlooking details such as this seems pretty foolhardy in an mmoRPG.
It has been like this forever and the biggest reason I never cound play one back in the vanilla days.
Yeah the eyebrows bother me a bit, especially with the new Druid Tier set :(

It looks amazing, until the eyebrows come. The eyebrows poke through the eye socket >.<
Save the eyebrows!
I'd love the option to have eyebrows without facial hair. However, I don't want eyebrows of steel that cut through plate helms like some of the other elves. Eyebrows showing through helms bugs me a lot.
Fix'd in MoP, or well maybe a patch or two in. But it is towards the top of their to do list now.
i equipped an eye-patch on a nelf. the eye glow shone through it
Female dwarfs have it the worst, their tabards cut into their legs and part of eye patches go under their skin. But barely anyone plays them so Blizz doesn't care.

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