Made it myself !

Since I have been doing only PvE, I have been really happy with the gear that I can make with BS. Currently using Redsteel, but think I will move into Vicious Pyrium as soon as I get to 85. A few levels back, as I was working through the Cobalt/Saronite levels, someone replied to one of my questions that the Cata greens I would get would be better than what I could make, but so far, I have not got a single piece of gear that had better stats than what I made.

I presume the instances may give drops of better gear or access to it via the points accumulated, but I don't see I can do any better for PvE than what I can make.

Now if I could figure out a better 1-Hand weapon, I would be happier ...
You make a lot of threads.
Glad you are liking Blacksmithing, it feels pretty good to make your own gear.

You will have the chance to gain new Blacksmithing plans, and get at least a couple of upgrades for your 1-Hand weapon (some just might take a while to earn):

Elementium Bonesplitter
Elementium-Edged Scalper

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