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I just started playing WoW. I dont understand some of the lingo, so please if you can, literally hold my hand and walk me through this. I am sorry.

So I decided to do a dungeon today with a group of people. Being a Warrior and watching my brother in law play, (he is in France on a french server, so if I could have him show me I would) Warriors are Tanks. So I went into the dungeon thinking I am in the correct stance which was Battle stance. So the first person we fought I was in battle stance.

After literally getting are !@# handed to us by the first battle, I was told I needed to be in Protection. Ok so I change the stance. But my numerical attacks (1= attack, 2=slam etc) were completely gone. I know some abilities are used in each stance and some are useless in certain stances.

My question is... in the Protection stance what is a good numerical que? And secondly is there a way to be a Tank in battle stance? I want to do raids, and seriously want to play the game, but I don't want to piss people off by not doing the correct setup. Like I said I am completely new to this type of gameplay so if anyone could explain it to me, or point me where I can learn this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

You can hide your helm in the interface, that is all.
@ Belfalvas: Protection is not a stance, it is a talent tree, usually referred to as a "spec." The other two warrior specs are Arms and Fury, which are damage-dealing specs, and should not be used to tank.

The three stances are Defensive, Battle, and Berserker. Battle and Berserker should be used when in Arms or Fury spec to deal damage. When tanking in dungeons and raids, warriors should be in Protection spec and Defensive stance so that they receive a large "buff" (improvement) to their threat generation. Warriors do not receive a threat buff in Battle and Berserker stances. The threat that a tank generates is what keeps the attention of the enemy non-player characters (NPCs or "mobs") focused on the tank long enough for the damage-dealing players to kill the mobs, and so the healer can keep everyone alive without interference from the mobs.

In addition to the link that Rageality posted, I would suggest checking the stickied threads in the warrior forum and the tanking forum. Here you can find information on which spells to use, when, and in what order (known as a "rotation").
In the current game, when you switch stances you also switch main action bars. This is true for all classes that have multiple stances.

This just means you set up your defensive stance bar so your abilities are available in defensive stance.

For you, this is your priority of moves:

1. Thunderclap
2. Shield slam
3. Devastate
4. Demoralizing Shout
5. Shield Block

The first three generate threat, the fourth decreases the amount of physical damage you have incoming. The last decreases the amount of damage you take from physical attacks though a mechanic I'm not going to go in to (read the links provided) and glyphed will reduce your spell damage taken as well.

Next you want:

1. Taunt
2. Challenging Shout
3. Rend

Rend is important for making thunder clap better as it will spread the rend to other targets you hit with thunderclap. This is good so you can keep monsters stuck to you and not hurting the other players.


It gives you damage reduction, more threat (to keep monsters attacking you and not others), and when you put points in to bastion of defense you will no longer be able to be crit by non player characters.

*edit* This is just for tanking while leveling. Raid tanking is quite different.
The first three generate threat

Thank you, edited.

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