Casting Class : mage vs warlock

Hi ive been stuck between lvling my mage and warlock and i cant decide which one is better can you plz tell me why and how mages are pwnage? thanks.
Warlocks are better, go play a Warlock. Mages will completely suck in MoP, they're not even giving us any new abilities, they're taking away the ones we already have.
Warlocks are getting an extremes make over
The person abovee me is wrong. Mages are gonna be awesome
05/23/2012 06:33 PMPosted by Yarragon
Both classes are getting an extreme overhaul come MoP. Mages will have all 3 specs viable for raiding (hopefully.) and warlocks are having their mechanics revamped a ton.

Pish posh! Play a Warlock!
I wouldn't say we are getting a complete overhaul, for fire and arcane the general concept isn't really changing, Frost, pve wise has changed quite a bit obv.
But for the fact that all 3 specs will be awesomly viable and fun for pvp and pve is awesome.
Although most classes are getting all of their specs viable for things.
But Warlocks are badass new stuff as well.

When you can't decide on what to do (i.e. Ice Cream or Cookies)...
Get them both.
Why not level a warlock and a mage and if you don't have the luxery of trying them out on the beta then you can level/play both. Works for me
I love playing a mage, but I too suggest you go for a warlock because of the rarity of the class right now. My mage is fun, and I'll never choose my warlock over my mage because I have been playing my mage for years and like it. On the other hand, warlocks are rare right now, and they are pretty valuable because of their scarcity and Dark Intent.
were you deprived of air at birth? Mages will own in MOP
fire mages will own in mop

frost mages have been nerfed to the ground

i don't pve
Just play whatever you are best at and have most fun with, not FOTM....
Yeah, not locks.
im having a hard time choosing why are mages better? explain?

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