7/8H ilvl 404 Holy Paladin LF Guild

Aerie Peak
As the post says, I'm a 404 Holy Paladin looking for a new home. I can provide logs and other information as necessary. Things i'm looking for are as follows --

--5/8H Cleared or more
--Most convenient days: Mon-Thur and Sunday(4-8 server).
--Has to be a 10m (getting a new computer in roughly one month)
--Most importantly a guild that is active

I'm looking to move to a guild full of competent players. I strive to push my playing to the best and compete with those within my own guild as a way of bettering both them and myself. Please send me an in game mail or whisper for more details.

Thank you for your time!
Hey man! I just started <Ascend> on Aerie Peak and I am transferring many of my buddies from Dalaran. On Dalaran, our guild was 8/8H in DS and we are ready to bring our raiding expertise to Aerie Peak. I've read your post and I have looked through your gear thoroughly and <Ascend> and I would love to have you in our guild. If you are interested, please whisper me in game or send me mail through the in-game mailbox. Thanks!
yall should come horde side so we can have more people :)

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