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Shattered Hand
Since this game is now going into Autopilot mode (Login Tuesday to raid, waste time with alts rest of the week, or do something else), I was thinking how fun it would be to organize an Open World PVP battle. Just a big fight somewhere, get a big group of Ally vs. Horde in some neutral location.

We could make rules, like no rezzing or releasing until the fight's over... or screw it, no rules, just fight until everyone's tired, bored, or leaves.

I was not around back in the Vanilla days, when World PVP was actually a thing unlike now where everyone either sits in Org or SW, or if they do travel they do it by flying over everything.

Good idea? Yes? Would it be plausible to actually pull off? I may need help from some of the more influential people, like guild leaders and whatnot.
being a witness to the horde dominance of the alliance faction like 2 days ago i think this fight would be very one sided, wouldn't be opposed to it but it would be very one sided.
I would be interested, but like Asokan said, good luck finding enough Alliance to do this... We can barely find enough people to fill a 25 man raid on Tuesdays, let alone organize anything else.
Your slander is treasonous.

I shall it abide no longer.

You saw not anything.

No bells were rung.

No banners were paraded.

The Alliance of Shattered Hand rode not that day.

For it is foretold, and I shall not say.

Good day.

May you find the interwebz more fruitful tomorrow.

I like this guy...
i miss the 10+ hour AV matches...
06/19/2012 10:01 AMPosted by Atomicor
i miss the 10+ hour AV matches...

Do you actually miss them or are you just saying that to make sure everyone knows you played during vanilla?
I don't miss sitting around in AV just running into a zherg wall for 3 days.
06/19/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Bamf
i miss the 10+ hour AV matches...

Do you actually miss them or are you just saying that to make sure everyone knows you played during vanilla?

I dont know about him, but i actually missing the 10 hour. Back the day where everyone actually know everyone on server and more community I LOVE that feeling. Im not sure if you did played while vanilla but it was hell of fun time where everyone was telling everyone to turn in the blood to just summon rock dude to own them each AV games. Back the day where we get epic loots from tree dude too. Until they nerf that AND shedder vechine(spell?).. and ... Korrak...

Right now, all BG nobody even talk at all to be community nothing but insulting each other. It's dulling. That's just me. I guess I'm just that old fashion...
So you miss the sense of community, teamwork, and friendly competition (none of this "lol ur arena rank sux" bullplop the current pvp*#@ crowd is all about), or even just summoning the elementals.

I can completely understand and even admire that.

10 hour/3 day long games just because?
Eh, not so much.

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