Buying Gems/Herbs etc and Selling Rares

Bleeding Hollow
Hi: As the title says I'm looking to buy a lot of herbs and sell some rares on this thread. Feel free to just CoD or send mail to this char for anything you want.

SOLD 19,000g
Best Offer
Best Offer

Herbs: Per Stack (I just got here and I may be off on trends. If so I am obviously free to negotiate on prices). I will update these as the economy changes.

    Hearthblossom 50g

    Cinderbloom 20g

    Stormvine 17g

    Whiptail 18g

    Twilight Jasmine 55g

    Volatile Life 200g


    Alicite 40g

    Zephyrite 35g

    Carnelian 200g

    Nightstone 50g

    Jasper 50g

    Hessonite 55g


    Albino Cavefish 35g

    Glassfin Minnow 40g

    Firefin Snapper 18g

    Oily Blackmouth 15g

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