(H) 25m 9/16H lf mage

Guild Recruitment
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mostly dps, maybe a tank and healer
Still looking for a few dps and maybe a healer.
may consider a dps DK
balance and feral druid
balance druid
Hey i'd like to talk with you about possibly joining your guild. My fiance and I are looking to join a new guild in MOP. I would like to dps on my warrior and she is looking to heal on her Paladin or Monk. My real id jimbo88@roadrunner.com
boomkin and other talented dps
In need of range dps
patrickreaves@yahoo.com RealID me - i may be what you are looking for
Added classes in need of.
Lvled rogue first but since a change in jobs I am in need of a late night guild. Have every class to fill the spots needed. Wowpower8866@yahoo.com is Real ID if interested.
full on hunters
warlock too
New boss down!
Need a dps with tank off spec please

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