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Hi like super new to this and not to sure is my stats are really bad or about normal for my level. I know I need to find gear to improve but as they are now I don't really know if I should be specifically looking for gear to make the game go smoother or just play and let is go on its own. I would really like to get into dungeon runs but I feel I'll only be a hinderance to the other players.
My stats are:
str 33
agi 51
sta 39
int 20
spi 27

dam 39-49
atp 178

arm 331
dod 16.93%
Just go for whatever has higher agility at your level. Don't worry about the other stats much until you're level capped.

You should be fine to do any dungeons as you go along, that's what they're there for, to learn your class. Just work on Agility gear, avoiding taking unnecessary damage, and learning the mechanics of the class.
TY what would you recomend I do to get these boosts to my agility? like just quest around or go throuh dungeons???
Hmm... yes, your stats are very, very wrong. There's only one thing you can do at this point to save your character from ultimate destruction.


Start talking in third-person on the forum and play assassination. Post videos of yourself with anime music in the background in LFR when you hit level 85.

Salvation will come, Cloaked's child.
K anyway that wasn't productive.
05/21/2012 10:27 PMPosted by Jhezu
K anyway that wasn't productive.
Well, let's see.

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what would you recomend I do to get these boosts to my agility?

05/21/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Jhezu
what would you recomend I do

05/21/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Jhezu
I do

05/21/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Jhezu

This is why nothing has happened.
Well considering all I can figure out to do in the game is walk around and do random quests that I come across. I was also under the impression that this was the place to ask questions for those who want the information.
05/21/2012 10:33 PMPosted by Jhezu
Well considering all I can figure out to do in the game is walk around and do random quests that I come across.
Well at your level, that's pretty much all there is! When you get to higher levels, other things will open up.

You can, however, take up professions by visiting profession trainers at your current level. The professions are:

Primary (Crafting):

These makes equipment and other stuff for players.

Primary (Gathering):

These get the raw materials used for making stuff, like equipment and potions. You can sell the stuff you get on the auction house, or through trade chat.

Primary (Misc.)

These make things that are generally helpful. Gems (used in higher level gear); enchants (puts extra stats on gear); potions, flasks, and elixirs (fulfill a variety of tasks from enabling you to walk on water to healing you to enhancing your stats); and engineering has a buttload of neat stuff.

You can only choose 2 primary professions. You can have all secondary professions. The secondary professions are:


The first three are kinda self-explanatory. Archaeology is... meh. It's boring. You can find some cool stuff, though. But first, before you choose ANY profession:

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You must stop this.
This looks like someone's first character, so be nice.

Just go around questing until you level up a little bit, and you'll get some decent gear from quest rewards. From there, just keep running dungeons, and you'll get items that are better in them. The quests will lead from one area to the next, higher level area, so it's usually fairly straightforward as to where you should go next. Just keep building up your gear and level, and you should be fine. Like I said, just get the best agility leather you can find, and keep working from there.

If you want to pick up a profession, I found Skinning to be a decent one for leveling. You're going to be killing the enemies anyway while leveling, so you can make some decent money selling the hides on the AH for later on, or to help buy your mount when your level is high enough.
No wonder some newer Rogues seem so confused. Cloaked is getting to them too early.
It seemed like a good idea at the time!

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And this is why Cloaked provides the randomness daily.
Like Blacksad is saying, don't worry too much about gear while leveling. Just look for whatever has the most agility. And don't be shy about going into dungeons. Not everyone you meet is going to be polite or helpful, as you may have noticed, but you won't be holding anyone back. Just jump in and enjoy it.

If you really want to you can head over to It's a searchable database of almost everything WoW. You can look up pieces of armor, weapons, and trinkets for your level range. Find out what dungeons they drop in or what quests reward them and go get them. Really though, while you level, you are going to be replacing pieces of gear every couple hours so I wouldn't worry about planning out your gear too much. Just take what comes, it will be good enough for leveling.

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