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If that is happening then likely the problem is that you are unwilling or unable to adapt to the changes in it. Try embracing changes rather than dreading them. There are always new ways to have fun out there. If anything we older folks should be better at finding entertainment for ourselves in games than the younger ones who expect to be entertained on demand where we had to figure out how to entertain ourselves.

It's not so much a refusal to adapt, but more of I don't agree or like the changes made. The changes are appealing to a whole different generation. I find I'm gaming less and less because of this, it's just not made for me anymore.

Just let an old gamer be sad, ok? I'm coming to terms with the death of gaming for myself on a personal scale.

Edit: And eventually, your time will come as well. I just pray it's far away because the golden age is really a treat to experience, when developers are targeted directly at you and your wants. When it shifts away you'll begin to notice, trust me.

I hear you! I hated it when the Gaming Polize rolled up into my office, confiscated all of my old games and told me I had to buy the new ones. I tore at my beard and bit my knuckle and shouted at the heavens.

It's easy when your logic applies to yourself. But I'm not you, the same things don't apply. You're lucky then, gaming has somehow kept it's focus on you, or you've found a way to adapt your likes and dislikes depending on the atmosphere. I'm afraid my likes are more concrete and don't shift with the winds.

Yeah, I found a way... it's called "evolution", it's kind of the trademark of my species really. My tastes change when I get older via trying new experiences... I try new things and enhance my experience.

My other suggestion to you my friend is to "take a break". Maybe you need to rediscover what makes a Video Game "Fun".

It's as I've said a while ago in a post... to many gamers have "cracked" WoW.... they've literally changed the game from a game about getting cool items and killing monsters and boiled it down into a "pure DPS/mathematics out-calculation" game. Can I sustain a set amount of numbers that out-performs this other set of numbers. People have forgotten what World of Warcraft was all about.
Gran Turismo 5 is just Pole Position with physics and better graphics. Other than the odd little indie thing here and there games are exactly what they were 30 years ago just with, you know, physics and better graphics and boring unskippable cut scenes.

Guys, it doesn't matter what we do, does it...

The money in the industry lies with the new blood, not the old gamer like us . . . We won't be listened to...not ever. We're the elders of the society, shunned off into our own little corner of the world and largely ignored . . . What can we do besides watch as our beloved industry crumbles around us, all what we held dear is destroyed and changed into something new, shiny, and ultimately shallow and disgusting? . . .


i think our antidepressant levels are low again

cheer up man!

I love this explanation and that you spent time on it.

But you can't change who you are. I like people, and I love my guild, but I cannot allow myself to be beholden to the schedules of others, and I cannot lie to them that mine won't change as well.

If there was a way that I could purchase 24 (or 9) other 'characters' in game and script everything for them I would raid til the cows came home. I would run BGs all the time I would sign up immediately for a yearly pass.

I want an MMO type of game with people that I create!!! Go Blizzard....make it happen.

HAH! My friend... my very POST is proof-positive that you CAN change who you are!

You think I'm some previously casual doink all my life? I've been hardcore... I've won Tekken tournaments, Shooter tournaments, fighting game tournaments... I've actually beaten Super Metroid 100% on NO SAVES just to see if I could do it!

I've raided from MC/ZG20 -> ICC25 man heroic and maxed out my stats and gear...

You know what? I'm done with that... done done DONE! How did it happen? An expansion called "Wrath of the Lich King" when compared to Cata's launch... or, more specifically, LFD. LFD's inclusion and Wrath dungeons changing from hellish multi-hour pug nightmares into action-packed spamfest fun-filled 30 minute adventures taught me the worlds greatest lesson...

Time consuming challenge =/= fun.

Honestly, I hear ya about the whole "create your own world"... I can't TELL you how much I've been screaming for Player Housing/Community in WoW for ages...

If you don't want to raid anymore... you know what? DON'T RAID! It's that easy! I did it myself... my guild wasn't happy, but I'm still in the guild regardless (and sometimes once a month, I even fill in a spot if they lost somebody). I'm not sure why you would want some BG/Raiding script... there's plenty to do in the game that's NOT raiding. I stayed in my guild and told them when I came back after a short break that I was no-longer raiding. I just began having fun doing what I wanted to do! Soloing old heroic Wrath dungeons, fishing, archaeology, chatting in Trade chat (when it's not troll-chat). I'm now, as you say, No longer "beholden" to other's schedules - and am having a BLAST!
05/24/2012 09:23 AMPosted by Bergoan
We're done, used up, old news. This is our life.

Speak for yourself, Eeyore.

I see that when people have different opinions than you, you resort to passive aggressive behavior. Hopefully, one day you will grow out of this immature phase.

...a classic case of the "Pot calling the kettle Black" I'd say...

I agree wholeheartedly on the WoW portion. The game was also more about community. This new generation of gamer...they don't talk. The LFD disease has spread throughout the industry. Even in Diablo 3, people join your game, rush through, kill what they wanted, and leave. Not a word is spoken unless it's to berate somebody or argue.

I can't help but feel games are shunning community in favor of quick and dirty rewards for only oneself.

Again, I have to respectfully disagree... they do talk. They just need a little "prodding" is all. :P

Try a crazy idea... when you go into a pug - say "hello"... chances are, almost everybody will respond. When I enter a pug, I like to have a light sense of humor and point out things that are funny - or at least complement people on DPS and such. You know what happens? People START TALKING!

What you call a "disease" I call a positive Boon! I've actually met some WONDERFUL people who were not on my server as a result of this... and some even came to my server as a result.

The problem isn't any "lack of community"... it's a lack of YOURSELF wanting to form a community expecting Blizzard to form it for you.

Evolution by choice, versus evolution by natural selection, has no part in a discussion about video games. Whether or not a person likes a game or not is not a question of genetics or Darwinism. It's a choice.

Personal choice is just as subjective as using the word fun to describe a game.

Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills. -Schopenhauer

What makes it a "choice"? No... I respectfully say it's not a choice... I develop my tastes by playing different games, and as times change - I find little things "fun" and some things "not fun"...

As I said, Wrath LFD changed my ENTIRE paradigm of what was "fun" in a Video Game. that wasn't a choice... that was a moment of me saying "WTF!? Why am I having more fun running 30 minute EZ spamfest heroics than hardcore raiding now? I used to HATE EZ stuff!"
I'm just going to let the thread die now since a few have decided to make it their arguing ground. This is what I'm talking about, so much unresolved anger and people just itching to pick fights online. Gaming didn't used to be this, it used to be fun with just some good old guys and gals.

The new generation can have gaming. It doesn't resemble anything I used to know anymore, the only thing I can do is stop fighting for the industry I knew and loved and just let it become what it will become. I won't like it, but there's nothing else I can do.

Lol, I didn't know old timers could be emo :-P

Sorry man, we aren't making this an arguing ground. You offered an opinion and some have countered that while others have agreed. It is the beauty of being human to be be able to debate topics and support your side. Some may debate more effectively than others but you can't make blanket statements about your generation and the gaming industry on a gaming website and not expect to have some who disagree!?

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