[H] Herald of the Titans title run

Control everything?

As far as we knew, it was a full clear, all hardmodes, gear run, what was there to control?

Bullying? We where having fun on skype, and in raid chat joking between each other then all of a sudden you burst out with caps rage.
Abusive language directed at us and our guild, get a clue yeh?

We put far more effort into our herald toons (crafted 226 gear/VP gear), as was evident when you guys rocked up in pre WOTLK greens.

It was a good idea, poor execution on your behalf.

Goodluck next time.

I am the so called "healer rolling on spriest gear". This toon was meant to be a healer, hence my name "Tarheals". However you asked for me to go spriest. If you look at the Tier i am trying to get... it is spriest. I have healing legs because they dropped from Voa. I am gearing for spriest and you were told repetitively this was the case. The fact you cannot listen and assumed otherwise is not our problem. Go and troll somewhere else, we will get this achievement without the annoyance of players such as yourself.
And in all seriousness, with the ability to reforge either hit or spirit gear WTF DOES IT MATTER.
I'm sorry but this was a gearing run, not to complete it and get the achievement that night, we were working towards it and seeing our luck with drops before we crafted or got any other items.

It wasn't a joke, you were trying to control, getting your healer to roll on items that had hit on it specifically so I didn't get it, you were rude and abusive, you called us a number of abusive names and your level 85 friend rage quit when he didnt get what he wanted.

Hate to break it to you babe but the world doesn't revolve around you and your mates and what you and your mates want.

Might want to run it yourself if you want to be controlling and abusive.

Later Gator.
There was two priests bro, not just 1, 1 was a HEALER, 1 was a DPS, the HEALER, who was HEALING the run, was rolling on HIT gear to be a jerk.

Nice lies you got going on.
LOL. At the end of the day mate, our guild, the abusive one in question. Put more effort into this run than all of you combined. You all rocked up with BoA gear and expected to get all the gear you wanted. We cant help it if your !@#$%in and moaning because you didnt put in any effort and was hoping to get carried....
It was a gearing run.... so why save alg till last? All we did was question why. No more no less.
JSE, you were the one who ask us how normal DS was treating us! I am not one to pay out on other guilds progress but where is your guild? Come on dude please dont bag other peoples progress.
If you all had put some effort and thought in our to gear your toons and effectively lead this raid, then none of this would have happened. We are geared and ready... your the ones that are not....
The level 85 left as he had had enough of you, to be completely honest.

Better stop now, don't want to make a girl cry.

It's a game.
I'd be keen to come to AS IN TRADITIONS herald of the titans title run when they repeat it, currently leveling my boomkin/resto druid atm, should be 80 in like a week
You won't make me cry, he left because of Freya not because of anything else, don't be a liar.

Either way, GL and all that jazz.
lol its actually funny how off base you are.... He left BECAUSE OF YOU!
Oh and get carried, You do realise the ret paladin doing 65 k dps was there helping us and he was one of us? Yeah, nice work. You were getting carried by Verse but as I said goodluck, and quit being such elitest control freaks, if it aint your raid quit trying to lead it.
I didn't once ask how normal DS was treating you. Not once. I hardly play on this toon and rarely raid; only pug.

Secondly, it was a GEARING run. I didn't expect everyone to be geared already - the purpose of the first few weeks, as per my original post, was to gear everyone.

Nevertheless, I don't care anymore.
Sorry for double posts!
Sooooo As In Tradition going to start up a run?
Yes Eruptor, we have the following....

Prot Pal
Ele shaman
Dk tank

A boomkin would fit in nicely.
I am that mentioned 85 that left and I like turtles

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