[H] Almost Heroes 8/8HM recruiting

We are a semi-hardcore Horde 10-man raiding guild thats been active on Blackrock since Wrath.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7pm-10pm Server Time. We are full clearing on Tuesday night currently getting everyone their mount.

We expect 95% attendance.

We are Saviors, 8/8HM killed.

What we need:

We are losing our legendary rogue and are in need of another dps

-Enhancement Shaman

the more experience and gear the better.

Please have a minimum of 398 ilvl and at the very least some experience on heroic madness, preferably a kill.

If you are interested or need more information contact myself, Kathrudies, or Liothe in game or reply to this post.
In need of a geared DPS to finish getting people their heroic madness mount.
could use a dps dk, rogue or enhance sham
I'm a rogue, but I am not horde nor am I on your server. I also despise PVE. I wish you luck in finding your melee dps.
We are still in need of a dps
hey valiria,let me know if u still need rogue... im 6/8hm on main LF raiding guild rite now..
I'm very interested in joining Almost Heroes. Today I transferred my shaman to Blackrock to be closer to some RL friends, but still want to down heroic content every week.

My shaman is Enhance 396 ilvl / Resto 395. On my shaman alone I have 6/8H XP but I have 8/8H XP on my warlock which you see to the left. I know every fight from a healing and dps perspective.

The reason my gear is a bit lacking is the server I transferred from is dead. I was part of the only guild to down H Madness on my lock and we started other groups on our alts but then Diablo 3 came out and my guild mates lost all interest in raiding or even playing WoW in general. So that's where my low ilvl comes from because we only started doing alt runs a couple weeks before D3 came out.

I'll most definitely exceed your 95% requirement for attendance, I rarely miss raids and if I do for some reason I'll give you guys at least a day or two notice before hand.

You can send me a ingame whisper or add me on Real ID
Characters Name: Elementslol
Real ID: zackyftw@gmail.com
Wondering if you are still looking for a good DPS Dk?

i have 6/8 heroic with spine experience up to the second plate. Was dps from mid wrath and didn't start tanking till February since my guild was a 25 man then went to 10 since our server has an extremely low population and had a hard time finding consistent people, and to keep my spot i became their off tank, but DPS'ing yor, mor, and hagara heroic. So i have a 403 unholy set (prefer for DS since i can take advantage of AMS), 402 blood off tank set, and 404 frost set.

I can play any spec proficiently, i do my research and i like to be on top of the charts.

Recently...well since diablo has been out, my dead server got worse and my guild mates are more obsessed with that then finishing out DS. We lost some of our ranged, and only have melee back ups. I've been with my guild for over 2 years, and have some great friends in there, but i feel out of place. I play wow for the raiding aspect, its what i love to do, and i want to show off my talents and progress, even if it takes sometime. I am just looking to be with people who feel the same way i do about the game.

Out of game i am 26, play on a good laptop that can handle 25 mans no problem (lenovo y470) and going back to college perusing a degree in medical.

I can easily make the raid times, i live on the east coast and like the later time since i work till 9pm est some days, and have to stay after a bit to finish some work. Luckly i live 5 minutes away so travel time is irrelevant. So even on the highly unlikely off chance that i stay till like 10 at work i will be on no later than 5-10 minutes, but trust me, i don't like missing raids.

if you are interested, my real ID is: Christopherxeirosdai@hotmail.com
401 eilvl legendary rogue here, I have 4/8 hm down on this toon and i have hagara on my druid totaling to 5/8, had to slow down on wow after I got a new job but all is steady now and ready to get back to raiding. let me know if you need anymore info/are interested! I can/will make all those raid times and as for my lack of downing the other three I am an ex-raid leader and learn quicker than your average player and know the general ropes of the heroic fights I dont physically have under my belt.

Let me know what you think and if I need to apply elsewhere you can send me in game mail if you want my real id or something Id be happy to give it to you, just not where the public can see it xD

We are once again in search of replacement probably a healer with offspec dps but most likely could take a melee dps those of you still interested should send me an in game mail and we can talk.

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