Oceanic RPers, help me pick RP/RP-PVP server!

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

So I find myself re-subbing to WoW after a bit of a gap to play with some friends. However one thing I really want to get back into is roleplaying, and my knowledge of what servers are good is years out of date. So my question to you is what server is best of RP in terms of those who are in the Oceanic time zone (NZ). I'm planning on starting from scratch, new toon, new server, all action!

From what little research I have done it seems to be a tie between Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord, especially with the RP-PVP realms look like they have very low oceanic pop and RP in general.

So forum people what are your votes/suggestions, where do you RP?
I think either WA or MG will be a sound choice. I personally gave up on trying to find Oceania players on these realms however. They are there but it's just so damn hard with the server time zone not matching.

Personally, I just transferred back to an Oceania realm years ago. Was easier to participate in raids etc. Not sure how different it is now though with dungeon finder and raid finder. But then that doesn't help the server community anyway.

Hopefully one day Blizzard will act and give us an RP realm...

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