Demo Lock LF Heroic Raiding Guild.

I am currently looking to progress further into DS by doing heroic encounters. I have been around all of cata content and have cleared a majority of heroic bosses on many toons. I would like to continue that in Dragon Soul. So plz if you have a spot open or a spot open for competition let me know I will be online all of today don't be afraid to ask me to apply at a website or any of that stuff. Open to any and all guilds. Thanks.
Our group raids wed and thurs from 8:45 to midnight server. Our group is currently 3/8heroic.

Our current warlock in the group has to leave in a few weeks... so getting another lock would be great.

You can catch me online or get me via realid - and we can discuss this further if you would like to.
Feel free to add me to real id with any questions.
I heard demo sucked.

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