[A/H] Server Transfer LF raiding guild.

Hello, I am transferring my main to this realm very soon and looking for a raiding guild. My main is an Arms Warrior 395 iLevel most BiS gear and gemmed and enchanted properly. I take raiding very serious and would love to find a regular raid spot in an afternoon (available 5-11 weekdays) raid guild. Also I am very punctual and very reliable and will always know in advance if I will be unable to make a raid due to work. I am 7-8 normal mode DS my previous raid guild got hung at madness and got out of raiding, but I know and understand all fights.
Ah if only you could raid later I could help you out. We're 11pm-2am est 4/8 heroic. Our Alliance side is mostly dead and recruiting on it is.. miserable to say the best.

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