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so im not getting any guild repution and dont plan on waiting 9 days for someone to reply to my ticket and then not got any rep for all to work ive done.... need help NOW!!!!!!!
05/28/2012 04:47 PMPosted by Muhmagic
need help NOW!!!!!!!

so do the 10's of thousands of players with tickets in the queue before you..

I see you are friendly 1600/6000 with the guild.

What are you doing to earn rep (daily quests, 5 mans dungeons etc?)
What are you doing to try and gain rep? They will not give you any rep you feel you've earned up to the point of them assisting you. However I know when I though I had this problem a few months ago it turned out I just wasn't doing things that give guild rep. Such as questing or doing instances with guildies. I was under the impression that just wearing the guild tabard while in LFD would give rep. It does not.
It is also possible that you have reached your weekly max on guild rep.
yea i have reached my max =[ this sucks

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