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how much for 435 to 525 blacksmithing and 1-525 engineering
How much for inscription kit? or JC?
hey azinea baby cant you see your fine blood elf body is the one for me
OMG! havent been on the forums lately DX sorry guys

And...gett outta here you troll!

JC kit = 6k
Engineering = 6k
Inscription = 5k

prices are basically my time spent farming ( your paying me to be bored :D wooo) lol im willing however to lower the price if the mats on the AH do turn up to be cheaper

Hmm since your blacksmithing is almost done Crooklyn... could do like 2k or something

Lemmie know how much leather you have picked up from your skinning... >_< Or unless all you got got you to 125? o.O just trying to figure out how much stuff i need to farm @_@
I'll happily buy an inscription kit off you for that price. Let me know how you want to handle the transaction and/or when you're available online and I'll try and be around.
Blacksmithing - I have my own mats so if you take my order, whisper me so I can tell you how high I get myself.
For those of you that have talked to me in game about these kits.
If your still interested let me know :)

I know a few messaged me about the kits but im not sure if you WANTED the kit or were just asking about it o_o
Thank you Azinea. :)
:D Your welcome
im interested in a jc kit and a inscription kit
6k for a blacksmith kit :3
How much for Enchanting, Leatherworking 0-525
Might buy a eng kit an a leather working kit
Im not taking on anymore orders right now >_<
Didnt think id get as many as i did... But i will take on more orders once people pick up the kits i have done already :)

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