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When you do start doing them again, I'll be keen on an enchanting and leatherworking. Both 0-525
Im sorry to say i wont be doing any more profession kits for anyone.
You can thank the people who think its okay to be rude to someone who is only trying to help them out. I can take my mats and stick them on the AH and make more gold then what im selling them for.


ill pay a million gold for blacksmithing and engineering
I'm sorry to hear that some people didn't appreciate your kind and helpful business. If I were in your position I would do the same thing.
read the first post :3
Edited it with a bunch of stuff use-full stuff.. D:

Why is it all of your posts iv seen have been reported? lol


Only posts made after this one will count for the limited time offer :3
1-525 engineering plz xoxoxoxoxoxoxox <3<3<3
People report my posts because they don't like me.
)= Well thats not very nice why dont they like you?
I don't know, I don't post very often. :(
Maybe they just jealous?
Probably, I am pretty cool. :)
Can I please get a 0-525 Enchanting kit
I like you Filthythief <3

That makes me happy :)
I like you Filthythief <3

I like you Filthythief <3


Who's that?
Engineering 1-525 please.

Aidey stop stalking people.

idk why people post from alts.

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