Coven (A) recruiting MoP/25m group

Coven (Alliance) is looking for recruits for the expansion and a 25M group in DS. Right now we are raiding 2 10 man groups in DS and looking to start a 25 man. Our main group is 2/8H (morchok, Ultra) and our second group is 8/8. We are looking to work DS as a 25M group and to start trying heroics. We are also looking to expand our ranks for MoP and that is more of the point for the 25M group to get new recruits in and try them out for the expansion. We are looking to be more Hardcore in the expansion.

Loot system: up for decision for 25m group

Raid times: 8-11pm est friday and saturday group 1 and 8-11pm est tuesday and thursday group 2 (subject to change for our 25m group)

Guild Website:

My Real ID:

Please contact me or an officer if you have any questions or leave a post on this page and I will get back to you. (You can contact any guild member to get ahold of an officer.)
I will probably be moving my hunter alt here, and this is the character you're looking at. All three of my characters are Saviors of Azeroth and this character is geared through my core raid so I one shotted everything as you can see on my character sheet.
Good guild on Turalyon
Fu is still around if you want some deeps or heals pst me Drot!
Hey Fu, You are welcome back anytime. We are starting to work on heroics. If we can find a healer for our main group. Or we do an Alt/Main group on Tuesdays that needs a few more members. I'm looking to take us to a more progressive guild in MoP and I'd like to have a 25m group then. P~
I still need to create a character named Bumps. >.>
I'm moving over on the 16th, don't necessarily need a raid spot, just want a guild to call home. Let me know if this is a possibility :)
Love to have you. Just send someone a message and we'll get you invited =) P~
yayyyyyy i like the name COVEN.
Open Spots in our Tuesday group for a Tank, Dps/Tank OS, and a ranged dps.
Tank spot filled for group 2. Could still use a DPS with tank OS, and a ranged DPS or Healer.
DPS/Tank OS spot filled, Just need a Healer or Ranged DPS.

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