[LFM] Hysteria - 25M Heroic Progression!


We are located on the US - Horde Server, 'Blackrock'.
It is a PST Timed server with a High Population count.

Who we are:

Hysteria is a 25M Semi-HC Raiding guild with a casual atmosphere.
(Recently made the transition from 10M to 25M Raiding with high hopes of making more progression now and in MoP!)

We are a group of players with the common goal of defeating end game content in both normal and heroic modes while keeping a casual raid schedule. We play this game to have fun and gain those occasional bragging rights when we down a heroic boss. We are a fun loving group, but don't be fooled by our chattiness, When it comes time for that pull countdown we expect everyone to clear vent and get serious.



4/4 Bastion of Twilight
2/5 Heroic Bastion of Twilight

6/6 Blackwing Descent
1/6 Heroic Blackwing Descent

2/2 Throne of 4 Winds

7/7 Firelands
6/7 Hardmode 10m

8/8 Dragon Soul
5/8 HM Dragon Soul

( If your looking for a group HM Dragonsoul on farm (i.e, you don't want a progression group) then we are not the group for you and I urge you to not apply. We are a progression oriented raid group looking to push for 5/8HM with the change over to 25M within the next 2 weeks. - EDIT July 7th )

When:***** All times are listed as Central Time. *****

***10 Man Raid Times***

Tuesday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

What about Loot?:

Hysteria runs an unbiased, officer driven loot council where we distribute loot based on Attitude, Performance, Effort and ofc Attendance. Our LC is a Suicide Kings modified LC, Once you have received 2 Mainspec pieces in any given raid week/day we drop you to the bottom of the priority list for the type of gear your character considers "Main Spec", Have no fear though, We will never DE or Default a piece to someones Offspec just because you've already gotten 2 pieces in that week. We use this method so that one person can not seem to be 'Favorited' by one of the officers.

Again, loot is handed out based on.


What we're looking for:

We are seeking all Skilled Players/Like minded raiders with the common goal of seeing end game content on both normal and heroic modes in a casual raiding schedule.
We are interested in those who can make 90 percent of all raids, Come prepared/being online 15 minutes prior to raid time and have educated themselves on the encounters before logging in.

Class Openings:


Melee DPS:

Currently open to ALL Melee Classes/Specs
Seeking 2 Melee DPS

Ranged DPS:

Currently open to ALL Ranged Classes/Specs
Seeking 2 Ranged DPS


All tanking positions are currently filled


All Healer positions are currently filled

Our recruitment status is currently open for all classes and exceptional players,
as we are looking to get into 25M Raiding. We are mostly interested in players
with 3/8HM Or better exp as we would like this transition to go as smooth as possible.

How do I apply:

Visit our site and click "Apply to Guild".
This button can be found near the recruitment
status plugin on our home page.

Or if you'd rather,
You can contact me via In-Game mail to
set up a time/date to have a vent-erview.


Currently seeking Tank, 1 Healer and 1 RDPS for core!
Bumpity bump bump bump :D
Updated recruitment needs,
Guild is currently 3/8HM
Currently seeking 1 Combat Rogue and 2 Tanks (Prot warr/blood DK)

Please register/apply on site if interested.
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Only need 6 more people to fill our core 25.
Apply now, Spots are going QUICK!
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