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Guild Recruitment
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sup id like to raid past 8 pst weekdays anytime weekends. I love raiding i wanna keep doing it even on 75% of content. i know my !@#$ and im just looking for a semi competetive raid where i can tank and dps, i love playing every side of my class and recruting me for only one of them would make me a sad panda,contact me ingame or email at vdurafourt@hotmail.com or on this post right here
Sympathy - 13/13H, 7/7H, 8/8H

We're in the process of building a NEW 25m group and while only a few people have done 25ms (most of us have done 10s - armory us) we're getting transfers who are super impatient. It's the second week as a 25M and sorry not everyone we recruit is amazing so really the group won't flow for a few weeks.


Either way we're 8/8H 10m (in both) and our alts are helping the 25M for now as they are available but we'd really like some mains (non-quitters) to help us get this 25M going at full speed. We need mostly DPS but 1-2 healers and a tank would be great.

- You will need to learn 25M strats with us.
- You will die a lot while we're learning.
- Most of us have been farming Heroic Deathwing for awhile so it's not fun for us to wipe either.
- When we tell you to pick up your DPS, don't just gquit like a loser. Talk to the people who know what they are doing and fix it, bc when our LFR geared alts are beating you in DPS it's an issue.

Anyways, if you're a realist, please contact me and help us get this set up before MoP.

Raid Days: Mon-Thurs 8-11 EST (yes they will be the same in MoP and be one day once we get the 25M stuff on farm)

real id: nintendobratkat@yahoo.com
<Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to finish Cataclysm and kill pandas.

About us:
Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25man guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and seconds. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs.

Our reserved days/hours for raiding are Mon-Thurs (8-11:00 EST). Typically we raid anywhere between 10-12 hours per week, with Friday to Sunday always reserved as off days.

Current Progression
8/8 HMs (Morchok, Yorsahj, Zon'ozz, Hagara, Ultraxion, Warmaster, Spine, Madness)


If you believe you have what it takes and are looking for a new home rather than just a new guild, continue reading.

What we offer you:

-We can offer you a very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In over seven years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies.

-We can offer you a guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, opinions, and strategies.

-We offer a raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism.

-We offer a raiding guildbank to help our raiders. Repairs, enchanting materials, feasts, flasks, and other miscellaneous items are all provided for you.

-We have a friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere.

-We can offer you a guild in which you will get as much back as you put in.

What we want:

-We want players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We do not want players that log on only for a raid. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. If you are looking for a guild ONLY to raid with and collect loot, this guild is not for you. We are a guild of team players. We play this game for ourselves and our teammates.

-We want people looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here.

-Nobody wants to be the weak link in our chain; everyone strives to be the best. We want players that knew how to spread out on C'thun, move on Thaddius and Heigan, who killed their constructs with ease, and have never cratered. We want players with situational awareness, players that can use their healthstone, and that aren't afraid to admit they made a mistake in order to improve upon it.

We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at http://www.death-jesters.net/

Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: http://www.death-jesters.net/boards/viewforum.php?f=3

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Clarendon, Moonfaxx, Sparty (RealID: spartysmallwood@gmail.com), or email djapps@gmail.com.

We wish you the best in your guild search!
Hey! You may be interested in <Divide> of Zul'jin!

When registering on the website, emails may go to your junk email box depending on what email provider you have - so be aware. If you like what you see here and want to join up with us, then go to the APPLY button at the top and submit an application. REALID: bschreihofer@gmail.com

RECRUITMENT IS CURRENTLY OPEN. We always welcome applications from exceptional raiders. If you feel you would be a good fit, we encourage you to submit an application on our website.

Currently In Cata:

-> Divide 8/8 HM in Dragon Soul.
-> Divide became first guild on Greymane to go 25-Man 7/7HM (all 25-Man).
-> Divide got the first legendary staff on Greymane (gratz toof).
-> Top US 100 25-Man Raiding Guild.

About Divide:

Our 25man Raid schedule is Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon from 7:30-11:00PM Central (or 8:30-12PM EST). Invites usually go out 15mins prior to raid time.

Divide has been one of the top Horde guilds on the server since the start of BC. We have always been low drama and plan to keep it that way. Although we will continue keeping it light and having fun, we are absolutely focused on progression. We remain fully committed to 25-man raiding. Current Firelands Progression: 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Hardmode - all 25s.

Potential Applicants:

We're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. Applicants should be drama-free min/maxers who know their class inside-out, keep up with the latest (and upcoming) additions and changes to the game, have stable computers and Internet connections, and come prepared with knowledge of the boss mechanics.

Website: www.divideguild.net

If you have any questions regarding Divide or Zul'jin be sure to get in contact with one of our officers in game or on our website. We respond to applications usually via the forum post or email/PM when appropriate.

If you need to chat with someone, feel free to contact:
Ryukami (GM)
Llamda (Quality Control & Recruitment)

Link to Divide's Consolidated FAQ: http://divideguild.net/threads/3060
Guild <One O One> is a 25man Alliance guild on server Stormscale (PvP).

#1 25 man raiding guild on the server.
We are 8/8 HM 25man DS.
We are 6/7 HM (7/7 Norm) Firelands.
We are 9/13HM Cataclysm bosses.
We are the 1st Alliance Guild to kill Al'akir 25man on the server.
We are Alliance 1st Ruby Sanctum (25); Server 3rd. RS 10HM Down.
We are 12/12 ICC 25 with 11/12 Hard modes (25).
Lich King HM down on 10-man.

Raid times:

5pm - 8pm PST which translates into 8pm - 11pm Eastern Time(EST)

Tuesday 5pm - 8pm PST
Wednesday 5 pm - 8pm PST
Thursday 5pm - 8pm PST

On Sundays we either run an a HM 10 man or an alt 10 man. It is not mandatory to attend the 10 man.

What we are looking for:

(These are just preferences. If you are not 1 of the classes listed below, don't be discouraged and please read on)

1 DPS - Mage/Boom/Shadowpriest/Hunter/Warrior/Lock/Rogue
(any class works really as long as its not foreign for u to rank on WOL)
1 Tank - Warrior
1 Healer - Resto Shammy

There aren't specific classes we are valuing above the rest. If you feel you're the type of player we want (description below), we encourage you to apply regardless of what class you are. Guild <One O One> does not recruit players for a "backup" or "bench" position. If you are recruited, you will be raiding.


We use the EPGP loot system that is fair to both the veteran players and the newcomers.


In a few words : This is a place for mature well-mannered people who look to enjoy raiding in a friendly environment. To be part of our guild you have to be a good player but even more so a good person.

<One O One>'s raiding atmosphere is rather well-collected and not the abrasive, vulgar type that is unfortunately common in many high-end guilds. We will not sugar coat things and pat you on the back if mistakes are made, but we also generally portray ourselves as if we're adults in public.

For the reason that a player's character/attitude is more important to us then their otherwise amazing skills we do not only rely on website applications but also hold interviews "in person" over Ventrilo or within game to have a better feel/understanding of who you are. You are welcome to add me on Real ID (a40691468@hotmail.com) or make a level 1 toon on Stormscale, Alliance side and ask for an officer in guild. There is always someone available for you to talk to. How to contact:


GM: Cayssaelea (Real ID a40691468@hotmail.com)
My alts are:
[ Prisonstylle, Moonria, Michaeljkson, Healasaures, Nepizdisuka, Bakdorampge, Wrapyortotem]


Interested in MS dps? If so, we have a spot for you

<Tempest> is 6/8 Heroic, working on Spine. I'd love to talk more with you about our group. We have a solid history of 25 man raiding, and are looking strong into Mists. We do have a policy of recruiting those only over the age of 18.

<Tempest>, US Alliance Gorgonnash is a 25man raiding guild that has been raiding solidly since 2007. We strive to push progression, and continually better our raid, while treating each other with respect and friendship.

Current Progression:
6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
8/8 Dragon Soul
4/7 Heroic Firelands
7/7 Normal Firelands

Raid Times:
6:30-10:30 server (Pacfic), Tues, Weds. We take a 15 minute break halfway through
We will be going back to a 3 night a week schedule in Mists (Tues/Weds/Thurs)

Full recruitment thread for more info:

If you’re interested in becoming part of the <Tempest> family, you can apply online at

Come make a character on Gorgonnash and talk to us! We’d love to hear from you!

Whisper Namelessone, Earrl or Goatcheese, or anyone from <Tempest> and they’ll put you in contact with us! Or send me PM on our forums http://tempestgorg.enjin.com

email contact: tempestrecruitment@gmail.com
Name: <Inertia>
Progression: 8/8H (10M)
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays (6pm - 10pm Pacific) 8 Hours per week
Server: Dark Iron (PvP)(Pacific Time Zone / Data Center in Chicago)
Website: Inertia-wow.wowstead.com

Always Recruiting for All Classes, as all Spots are Based on Performance.

Roles in High Demand: (Curently in Need to farm DS) Immediate Core Spot Available

Druid (Bear / Balance / Restoration)
Warrior (Protection)
Death Knight (Blood)
Priest (Shadow)
Paladin (Holy)
Shaman (Elemental)

Roles in need: (For Mists of Pandaria)

Warrior (Arms / Fury)
Monk (Brewmaster / Mistweaver / Windwalker)

None of these classes are required to have an off spec, but it is always optimal to know all of your specs and be able to play them just as well. As well as being able to play more than just one class will ensure your chances of becoming part of the main roster. If you do not plan on raiding during Mists of Pandaria, please do not apply with us.

Loot is distributed via loot council.

- We require our raiders to be able to maintain a high level of attendance, especially since we only raid 8 hours a week.
- We require a working microphone and Ventrilo.
- We are seeking applicants who have a deep knowledge and understanding of their class mechanics and are able to work well in a 10m raid environment.

We are a level 25 guild and have many perks and rewards for all members, as well as additional support for our raiders such as guild repairs and free gemming/enchanting for raid gear. We are a tight knit guild where everyone pretty much knows everyone, only friends and family of the guild are invited to keep guild environment mature and fun.The raid team has a hardcore mindset but only raiding 8 hours a week. We are all serious when we have to be, especially during progression, but still know that this is a game and have fun playing it. We all trash talk each other, even the girls, and still know how to get the job done. We have been in existence for almost a year and a half. We have other activities always going on such as PvP and alt raids to keep everyone happy during non raiding days.

Real ID: Foolycoollyfan@hotmail.com

Apply at Inertia-wow.wowstead.com

Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dark-iron/Inertia
Hi there, Ravenus!

<Sovereign> US-Dragonmaw is now recruiting all skilled players to join us in the end of this expansion and through Mists progression. Not only do we raid Dragonsoul weekly, we also do old content (T11/T12 titles and mount runs, transmog runs, etc). We also enjoy world PvP every now and then, and look to make it the same tradition it once was in vanilla on our server during the weekdays casually when we're not defeating internet dargonz.

About us:
<Sovereign> has been around on Dragonmaw Alliance since Feb 2005 and is still operated under the same veterans that notably achieved the server's early vanilla raiding successes and has maintained the same competitive edge ever since. ( #1 server in Vanilla, #3 in WoTLK )

We are looking to expand our family back into 25m raiding for mists and are looking for people like you that would be interested in joining us in a core raid position. Right now joining us would give you a raid spot in our 10m, going forward into Mists would make you a core raider by default.

We provide flasks, feasts, and repairs to everyone, and will offer anyone that xfers to trial 10,000g hands down upon successfully completing their first trial raid with us.

For us, we all have full time jobs or are going to school so raiding up to 5 days a week just isn't our cup of tea. We know that raiding only 2-3 days a week can be just as efficient as 4-5, with the proper focus and dedication.

We are currently 6/8 HM, 15% left on the last plate.
Raid nights: Wed/Sun/Mon from 7p-11p (sometimes ends sooner), PST. In Mists, we will be a weekend raiding guild. The days would be Sat/Sun (possible Mondays) from 7p-11p.
Loot is distributed through Loot Council.

We'd love to hear from you! Contact Khias/Despina, Asuul, or Perky/Perkchetta on Dragonmaw (Alliance) or message me for Real ID information.

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