<Synesthesia> 25m 3/6 hMSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES

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I'll be there!
Morning Stormrage
Morning Stormrage!
09/30/2012 04:13 AMPosted by Midgettè
Morning Stormrage!

Bout time!!
Endorsed by Fo Sho Knucklebump.
Morning Stormrage ;) (Let's see who breaks the combo now)
Hello, im currently 457 and will be 463 by this weekend ive been raiding since bc I never miss a single raid I will msg your officers in guild to see if you guys want a good hunter dps for your 25 man raiding guild
Please do!
We destroyed the Stone Guards tonight and we made some really great progress with Feng the Accursed. I suspect he won't be standing after tomorrow night. I'll try to keep the top post updated with our progress.
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Bumpity bump bump bumpers.
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At the end of the raid week, Stone Guards, Feng, and Gara'jal all lay at our feet. Now, in our moment of triumph, we look to YOU with a question burning in our eyes: Are you a bad enough dude to join us?

We're currently low on moonkins, warlocks, dps Death Knights, and dps or healer monks.
Morning Stormrage
Last night we continued our steady progress by defeating the Spirit Kings. Next in line for the underside of our boot is Elegon.
Blizzard, why must I be a human-shaped mass of stars in the Elegon encounter? What's wrong with being a cat-shaped mass of stars?
In the raid of life, there are OPs and there are baddies.

OPs wanted.
We're melee heavy! You could be the one to bring balance to the raid! Currently we're low on shadow priests and balance druids!
I think Boomkins are adorable o:

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