<Synesthesia> 25m 3/6 hMSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES

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468 holy paladin here looking for a solid and dedicated raiding guild. Currently 4/6 MV normal.

If interested add my battle-tag: Supersruzz #1535
Please do visit http://synesthesia.guildlaunch.com to begin the application process if you are interested in raiding with us!

In other news, last night we owned Elegon in the face in 10 man, and tonight we'll be well-rested and hungry for more. Because a 10 man kill is okay, but it's merely a kid's meal compared to the 25 man extra large combo. Wouldn't you like to join the rest of us at the grown-ups table? Or are you still playing with your cheap little toy out of your Happy Meal?

This metaphor started out great but I think it somehow got away from me.
Synesthesia: Kid tested, mother approved*

*Synesthesia is neither kid tested nor mother approved. Your results may vary. Ask your doctor if Synesthesia is right for you.
Blizzard. Come on. Why would you put a rare boss that drops tier loot in the game that you have to camp for hours and hours and hours with the distinct possibility that it may not even spawn that day?

Ain't nobody got time for that!
Sandy can go suck an egg. We raid better under pressure.
How are your needs on hunters?
We got our first taste of Heart of Fear tonight, and found that it is full of bugs.

Despite this, we overcame the first boss without much difficulty!
Happy fun times!
Hey, I haven't updated this in a while, so I guess I'd better update this.

We need good players. If you're a good player, play with us, because we're good players too.

Quality update. Ten outta ten.
We needs more people! :)
Sometimes people ask me, "Mineko, what is your secret?"

It's simple really. My secret is something that I don't tell people.

Next question?
It was my birthday today. My gift was we made a little raid progress.

By my gift, I mean my gift to the guild. You're welcome for the progress, Synesthesia.
We need a good, dedicated healer right now. Please apply! :)
A question I get a lot is, "Mineko, why do you play a girl character?"

That's an easy one. It's because I'm so good looking, all the girls wouldn't leave me alone and kept distracting me. I gotta fool them by playing as a girl so I can raid in peace.
While I'm here, might as well bump.
Go ahead and bump.
Get it and bump.
Today someone asked me, "Mineko, if you could write a new law, what would it be?"

Without the slightest doubt, I'd outlaw the excessive use of hyperbole. Everyone always uses it, and it's the absolute worst problem of all time. There is no one in existence who disagrees with me on this. I think it would be the best law ever.
I see what you did there. Well played.


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