<Synesthesia> 25m 3/6 hMSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES

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In the war on superlatives, you're either the best, or you're the worst.
This recruitment thread bump contains 0g of trans fat. Gluten-free posts are available upon request.
Someone once asked me, "Why did you name your guild Synesthesia? Is it because you evoke a sensory response from a modality other than the one being stimulated?"

It's actually because when our GM Hexfurÿ hears lame excuses, he smells BS and sees red.
Recently I got asked to describe myself in one word.

"Bad at following directions."
^ what he said :D
Still looking for solid players <3
Love the guild name...

Been considering transferring to this server. You guys have any need of a good Tank? Let me know!

Still looking for a fury warrior?
We're set on tanks but certainly consider a dps warrior. Visit our site and put up an application if interested.
12/20/2012 11:08 AMPosted by Zuya
Still looking for a fury warrior?

If you race change to worgen or pandaren you could be our furry warrior!
Do you have any other BC-era Impervious-Medivh members in your guild? *waves*
Yep! Mineko and Eldrea are here :D
Woah, sup Jalanna? Very long time no see.
Sorry to derail your Recruiting thread. :)

Just resubbed to the game after taking a couple years off, transferred here because I wanted to be on a high-pop server. Fooling around very casual-like, playing noobs, just getting back into the feel of the game.

Dunno if I'll ever raid again, but I find it hard to imagine that I'll be in the game for a long period without getting back into it.

Anyhow, for recruits, Mineko's good peeps (and Eldrea too!), so the guild should be good too.

(Free bump).
Thanks Jalanna! Let me or Eldrea (now known as Happyducky) know if you want a spot on our socialite roster. Always room for an old friend in the guild.
bump for happy holidays and old friends <3
We are currently looking for a Resto Druid, Rogue, Warlock, Balance Druid, and Fury Warrior for our raid group. Please get in touch with us if you're interested.
Not only can you get in touch with us, you can touch us too. I squeal like the pillsbury doughboy when poked.

Happybucket probably likes it.


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