LF TANK DS10 (5/8HM) June 16/17 2012

Nox Eternus DS guild run, requires 1 tank for its weekly DS Heroic progression run for:

Friday 16 21:30 (realm) - late (usually about 13:00)
Saturday 17 21:30 - finish

Guild is currently 5/8 Heroic and working on Warmaster.

Must be geared and know the fights (HM up to Warmaster), and have vent (listening at least)

No reserves on anything, Loot rule: MS > OS > Transmog > Disenchant

Contact: Mishmegs, Metalfly, or Zinrokh in game (or "/who nox" and ask for an officer)
or leave a comment below and we'll get back to you.


Bump LFM
Do you mean on Friday you finish at 1PM (13:00) or 1AM (01:00)?
If you meant 1PM I salute you because raiding 14 and a half hours is solid =D

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